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  1. mrjordann

    How do y'all fit your Tuffy consoles?

    I made a post a week or so ago, I asked which center console I should buy. I got a lot of responses recommending the Tuffy console. So I bought the 6" (smallest) Tuffy console for sale. Upon installation, I really had to smash it between the seats and it did not feel good. I attached a picture...
  2. mrjordann

    Best center console for FJ40 with bucket seats?

    I didn't use to like the idea of a center console. I thought they were ugly, bulky, and not period-correct. But daily driving my 73 fj40 got me thinking about some creature comforts. My doors don't lock, and neither does my glove box. I'd like somewhere that I can leave semi-valuable things...
  3. 6T9cruzr

    Installing Buckets in a 69

    New to site, and have searched to no avail. Apologies if this has been asked before. I have A 69 fj40. Several years ago I installed Corbeau Buckets using the original bench seat frame. Seats and tuffy console installed, but the seats have always sat too high. The driver seat sets on the...
  4. sigorama

    For Sale 1976 FJ40 Front Bucket Seats, Complete and Original

    For Sale: Complete set of 1976 FJ40 front bucket seats. Everything in very good condition. Only superficial rust on the seat frame legs. Driver's side has some cracking in the seams, but passenger side almost perfect condition. View pics on the bottom of this Google Photos Bucket (other parts...
  5. mudterrain75

    Wanted 1979 or later 40 series bucket seats

    Let me know if anyone have complete bucket seats late model in decent condition
  6. wngrog

    For Sale FJ40 bucket seats

    Good bases and pad to recover These seats have good hardware. Good back plates. They don't have the lower brackets. $300 plus shipping. Sorry for the crappy pics but needless to say they will need to be recovered. I think the foam is good. I've got them stored in my parts Pig...
  7. RED FJ62

    For Sale Toyota Tacoma bucket seats that will fit 60 series

    I'm selling a pair of 2006 Toyota Tacoma Sport bucket seats. They are mounted on FJ62 hardware and will bolt up to 60 series rig. Original gray Tacoma sport truck fabric. dp777usa@gmail.com $450 for the pair.
  8. obxalbemarle

    Wanted fj40 front bucket seats reasonable lol

    Im looking for usable front bucket seats for my 74, its no show winner so im not looking for show winner seats, i just cant bring myself to install honda seats in it. im in Jarvisburg NC 27947, willing to pay shipping. thankyou in advance. Dan in NC
  9. skydog 71

    Wanted fj40 seats

    the previous owner of my 71 fj40 replaced the front split bench with TJ seats on homemade (badly) brackets. looking for split bench with brackets or if not available low back buckets with brackets. I can pickup if reasonably close or would ask for them to be shipped to Amherst, VA 24521...
  10. sigorama

    For Sale Original 1976 FJ40 Front Bucket Seats

    I have a pair of front seats out of a 1976 FJ40 with the rails, as well. Includes three of the small mounts that connect to the body. Would prefer to sell as a set, but will sell of bits and pieces depending on interest. $500 for the set with one note. The metal seat backs seen in the majority...
  11. Farmboy29455

    For Sale 1975 FJ40 bucket seats (OR)

    compete pair of buckets available. Everything is here but they certainly could use some TLC. would prefer not shipping these due to weight. Located in Portland, Oregon. $200 for the pair.
  12. Ronthebiker

    Seatbelt bar/ Bucket seats ideas?

    I'm getting ready to swap out the tired seats in my 40 with some proper bucket seats. I would also like to put in a Seatbelt bar across the back of them for a 5 point harness. My delima is that I don't want to make it impossible for any normal size human to get into the backseat with a bar going...
  13. K

    Help: 68 FJ40 Bucket seat brackets

    I have a 68 fj40 equipped with Bestop Bucket Seats. the previous owner did not install sliding brackets and I am looking for any suggestions. Has anyone mounted Bestop seats in their pre-72 rig?
  14. corleykj

    Trailgear low back seat covers from Cabelas

    Here is some info about the trailgear seat covers from Cabelas (about $60 for two shipped) for those mud members considering them as an addition to their fj40. I love the look of the factory black seats, but the summer sun quickly makes them uncomfortable for me and my family. I have been...
  15. corleykj

    FJ40 cup holders - Give me some feedback please

    I made myself a couple different cup holders for my fj40 after getting tired of not having a good spot to hold a drink or two. If you look at these and have any suggestions for improvements or things you would like to see me tweak for your 40's cup holders, let me know. These mount to your...
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