Toyota OEM parts supplier (AZ) Riverview Toyota

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Jun 24, 2007
Scottsdale, Arizona
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Thanks for setting this up for all of us!! We do really appreciate it. It has been entered into the Blackberry :grinpimp:
Now we just need someone in Tucson to get on board. Those guys at Desert are crooks and Precision is all the way across town.

BTW, don't forget, longtime TLCA member John Hocker is the parts master at Sierra Toyota in Sierra Vista. He gives a discount to TLCA and MUD members.
After the meet on Tuesday night a few of you voiced interest in having an established, local Toyota parts supplier here in town for the Copper State Cruisers club. I’ve been a CSC member for a couple years and have kept the business side away from the pleasure side but a few of you convinced me that it is time to help a brother(s) out!

I have talked to my parts manager here at Camelback Toyota and had him set up an IH8MUD account for our members. I am only promoting this to our local chapter to help in both speed of getting parts and discounted pricing. You will find our pricing is very aggressive and our parts inventory is the largest on this side of the Mississippi. If we don’t have your part we can overnight it for the next day at no additional cost.

I have a great contact by the name of Kristal W. who is set up to help members specifically. She may not be as deeply cruiser specific in knowledge as CDan is but she makes up for it with a great attitude.
You can contact her at Camelback Toyota 1-800-528-6051, ask for Kristal, and mention IH8MUD. You can also email her at to attach any photos of required parts for specific matching.

Thx, Eric

Thanks for setting this up. Can you please tell us more about the meet on Tuesday night?
There was a good showing of about 20 trucks. Mostly hanging out and checking out the different trucks and talking in groups. Got some ideas for a rear bumper I am having fabbed after seeing the Labs, Kaymar, and Slee versions which the guys all patiently answered my many questions (I can see Kevin actively uses his as a rock pivot point):grinpimp: There was also some scattered chatter about the Payette draw run coming up at the end of May.

Oh yeah, i almost forgot, you missed the Swedish bikini team and the kegs of Heineken :beer:
This was Tuesday?, dont you mean Friday?
who called? - correction

The parts department got a call today from a CSC member ~ unfortunately that person did not get to Kristal and was quoted the wrong price for a 1997 LC window motor assy. I have no way of knowing who it was because they chose not to order the part at this time.

So whoever it was, the discounted price is NOT $234.95, it really should be $199.42. Sorry for the confusion. All the parts people are now informed of the MUD pricing.

Still, I recommend asking for Kristal. Thanks!
and since she has a NEW PC ;) she should be able to look up parts that much faster!
Do you work there as well MURF?

An old friend from high school works there, I believe Mrk fixed his parts index this week....small world...
Yes I do. Marc comes by occasionally to keep our computer and networks up and usable :). Of course we talk cruisers and rant about all the current social and political issues of the day (ok more of a rant :D).

Marc was suggesting that one day I should offer up an afterhours 3rd Friday CSC Meet in the Camelback Toyota service drive with a bbq which we could grill some burgs and dogs... Its covered, illuminated, and is centrally located. One of our Body shop managers occasionally has his Hot Rod club meets there. We could even put them up on a drive up lift to chk out undercarrages for fun if we wanted to. Maybe one day I should put this thought out there to see what response we get...?

BTW, who is your friend that works here?
Hey don't blame it ALL on me...

Although I think it would be fun.
I was in the area today and stopped in to check out service and pricing. Picked up an air filter for my wifes Highlander at a very good price. In the past I have purchased the same part from the out of town guy and from my nearby dealer who has me set up on the same pricing as the out of town guy. To my surprise Camelback Toyota was even lower. Lowest price is not always the best but with very fast, friendly, and upbeat service with the lowest price makes Camelback my new Toyota parts supplier.

Thanks again murf for setting us up:)
rear seat entertainment special

Guys, we have a (one) Toyota rear seat entertainment system (beige color) that is made specifically for 2003-2007 Landcruisers that is on clearance. Brand new never installed. The retail cost is $1925.00. Sale price $550.00. It is made to fit exactly and run through the LC's sound system. call Kristal if your interested.

Thanks! Murf


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specials update

Camelback CSC Mud pricing:

Oil Filters normally $5.41
if you get 3 or more only $4.25
missed this thread the first time around. was in picking up parts last
week and Kristal asked if i was on mud, thought it was odd then she
hooked me up with the discount. thanks a lot Eric for setting this up...

Thanks for setting this up! Kristal helped me out yesterday and couldn't have been nicer.

Thanks to Spike for letting me know this service was available.


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