tilt steering column

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Aug 18, 2003
I have a 70 fj40. I am about to install sag power steering. Any recommendations on installing a tilt column. I want to do it all at once for obbious reasons. I am not worried about the wiring.
Early truck and f-body (camaro/firebird) columns are pretty clean and don't have the stupid do-everything peice of crap turn signal. Butch Baker has posted that he uses the later style and ditches the turn signal lever for an earlier style one. Make sure it is long enough from the dash to the wheel. My first attempt was too short. Now I'm using a mini truck tilt column. It's a lot harder to fit to the dash, but the switchgear all works with the cruiser wiring and is way better quality than the GM stuff. It also looks like it's supposed to fit there. The GM column bolted to the dash a LOT easier though.

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