Thoughts on importing a HZJ75?

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Sep 26, 2008
Crested Butte, CO
Hi everyone, I have been dreaming about a troopy for a few years now and its time for a "new" truck. I have a few questions for all the knowledgeable people on here. Does anyone have experience with I am looking at a few troopys on there (specifically this one at the moment Second, I am curious about getting parts for or work done on a rig like this. Will I be able to go to a good local mechanic who I know is good with 4x4 and diesels or would I really want a toyota diesel specific mechanic? I plan on doing basic maintenance myself and learning more when possible, but concerned with beyond that. Thank you for your time.
There are a few 75s in CO that may be for sale, but they are probably $$$. No experience with the website, I found mine on Ebay, and it was actually owned by a friend of a friend (small world), so I felt better about the blind purchase. Proffits Resurrection Cruisers just reopened and he's in Austin (East of Delta) if you need a mechanical specialist. I've got a good diesel guy here in Avon who has worked on the HDJ81, but not the troopy, and I serve as his parts guy.

As for parts, it depends on what engine you get, but regardless, don't count on the local NAPA as they will not even being able to look up the part number. You will often wiat weeks for parts, so don't count on this as a DD. Out here in the sticks...

I recommend a turbo for our altitude: the 2H moves like a tired-reliable-old dog, while the 1HDT gets up a goes, but is hard to find. The 1HZ isn't mush stronger up here than the 2H, so look keep an eye out for a good turbo retrofit on either.
Have fun searching
Thanks for the response, while the 77's are nice I am definitely after a Troopy. I am curious about engine options, I do want a diesel but I don't know them well. Staying within the 25 year period, so I can drive it here in the states, what are my options? What years were the 2H and 1HDT available in the Troopy? I feel like importing from Australia will be the easiest and provide the most options. Is this true? I am open to importing or buying an already imported one, whatever will provide the best price. Thanks
The 2h engine went to 1989 and the 1hz started in 1990 you wont find a 1hdt in a troopy unless the PO fitted it himself it's not a factory option.
So since we can have 1991's on the road, what are the advantages/ disadvantages of the 2H vs. 1hz?
Parts availability is becoming an issue with the 2H.
Ihave an HJ61 with a 2H and an australian turboglide turbo. I have had no issues with parts - i get a few things shipped from Japan or Australia but they are generally wear items i can plan ahead for. Otherwise I've had great luck with the US network of Toyota diesel fans to hook me up with used parts. I have also had very good luck with mechanics, at least on the west coast there are 2H-literate diesel shops all over.

As for the 1HZ, no real opinion. I am also Troopy shopping as a potential upgrade from my high-roof 60 and I dont see much advantage to the 1HZ, other than age.

That said, I'd love to see a good technical pros/cons list between the two.
One other thing to keep in mind is that the 1HZ is still in production, so parts should be available long into the future. Getting them in the US is another thing.
So since we can have 1991's on the road, what are the advantages/ disadvantages of the 2H vs. 1hz?
Not much at our altitude. The 1HZ will perform better than the 2H, but not by much. Theoretically, the 1HZ will be easier to find parts, but I haven't had issues with either: you still have to wait two weeks or more. If you add a turbo to either, you risk the usual overheating issues with indirect-inject-not-built-for-turbo engines, but it can be done.

Hopefully, you are planning on spending wise/big $ for a good rig (compression test!) and another $10k in additional maintenance/body/electrical/wife upgrades, right? I recommend patience (which I did NOT have) and wait for the the right/cheap rig that needs love, but is worth it. I love our Troopy and was worth the money I spent!!! But I was naive and unprepared. Upside: $35k won't buy me an average not-cool boring car that will be dead in ten years.

When you find your new monster (or before), let's go cruising! I'm just over the hill, if you can ride with us "Vail" types.
Thanks for all the input. Im hoping to spend around 15k on a rig, it seems like importing is the most affordable way to go. Does anyone on here have firsthand experience with an import company? If so would you recommend them? I also have concerns about getting a well done survey of the troopy. Still really interested in this one but I have never imported a vehicle before and want to gather wisdom from experienced people.
My only observation on this model is that it probably has spent time on the beach, how often don't know how to find out. It has was looks like fishing pole holders on the front bumper.
You could also get in contact with Steve at landcruisers direct and see if he could help you with importing one.
Good call on the ocean time, I just messaged Steve about what I'm looking for. The prices I see at various sites seem to vary a lot. I feel like a 1990 or 91 Troopy with 150 - 200,000 miles on it goes for 15-25k with very little differences I can tell. Just trying to figure out what I will need to spend to get a quality truck without overpaying.

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