Thinking of running 2" wheel spacers

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Sep 10, 2006
I was thinking about running 2" wheel spacers on my landcruiser to give it a more beefier look. What are the pros and cons that you guys have experienced? Any long term effects?
i wouldnt go that big. get new wheels with less backspacing if you want them to stick out more. not only the issues box rocket has mentioned, but youre almost guaranteed to not have a balanced wheel..esp at speed. they can balance the wheels till the cows come home..but the spacers will throw that all out the window.

not that thinner spacers will balance out completely or are any better...but itll at least put less strain and wear on your bearings...
Ouch!! That's gotta not be good. How about running 15x10 rims on my 31x1050R15's?
Wheeling with 2" spacers will likely take out the flares (if you still have them) and cause more wandering and steering kickback. I went with 1" spacers and got improved stability without running into problems with the flares.
I'm wondering if anyone has gone with 15x10's on stock height suspension?
if you're planning on sticking with your 31X10.5's i wouldnt run a 10" rim. get some 15X8's with a 3.5 or 3.75" backspacing. what size/BS are your current rims? too narrow tire on too big of rim will cause problems, just as running too wide a tire on a narrow rim.

10" rim might have rubbing issues on stock susp up front by the fire wall. it all depends on the backspacing..and how much they stick out
I just put 1 1/4" spacers on mine and I am running stock 275 tires with a 2.5" lift. I can't tell any difference in driving or steering from stock. Even at 70 mph it drives like it always has, solid and steady.

I just posted a thread with pics of mine. The 1 1/4" spacers got the tires out even with the flares. I like how it looks, would'nt want it any wider IMO.
Running 38s on 16s with 2 inch spacers with no issue!

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