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Mar 22, 2007
San Ramon, CA
Selling my cruiser, being a teenager and all, with no job might I add, really takes the toll with the gas prices and such, and lets face it, these rigs aren't a teen's car.

I figure that im going to college and am not going to drive it at all in during those times, probably leave it at home and have it sit there, anyway I figured after college I would find another one.

One question, how much do you think is a reasonable price for my rig?

1994 FZJ80 with 23100 on the odo. but only 90k on the engine. It has the factory diff-lockers and the headgasket is done on the engine swapped in. Its lived its whole life in California and is rust free. The flares are off and Line-X'ed and thats pretty much all I have done to it..

I was thinking 7000$ would be a reasonable price.

What do you guys think about my situation, and any input that you guys could put in?

Trevor, also being a senior in high school and about to take off for college, I too know what its like having a built cruiser on a high school budget. Gas prices are high, especially here in CA. But with all the college 4WD clubs out there, I say just keep it. Get a job and ride a bike around if money turns to be a big issue. You'll miss your 80 the minute you let it go.
trevor, if you can afford to keep then do, if you have payments on it, on top of the gas prices then sell and look whens school is over. what do you mean about not being a teens car? i would have loved to have one when i was on high school, all i could afford then were heeps.
Yeah, you got all kinds of room in the back of the cruiser for shaggin'. Think of all the money you'll save on hotel rooms!

I don't think there is room for you.

It's true that you won't have to drive much while you are in college, unless you are driving home all the time(lame). If you like it that much, just keep it. When you graduate and get a job, you can buy a commuter.
It might just be the ideal college student car for most of the reasons above.

Really life revolves around the campus. Especially if you've 'gone away' to school. Keep the miles low and get a bike for commuting

Lots of room for moving yer crap to and from various cheap housing, and you can sleep in it if you must.

Lots of room to take all yer friends wheelin, parties (just stay sober if yer drivin') etc.

Bad if you've got friends that drive an econobox and they need your cruiser for moving.

Will become more and more difficult to replace in the coming years, they're not making 'em like this anymore! And you'd have to start over to make it like you'd want.
Haha, thanks for that all, I told my dad about my thoughts and he said that if I were to sell it he would by it from me so it kind of defeats the purpose..

Its all paid of, as asked above, but now, im making some sacrifices for my cruiser so hopefully it will give back to me later on.

I've cut down to driving only every other week to school and ride a bike now everywhere else.. Plus, with lacrosse season over in a couple weeks I plan on getting a job ASAP.

Thanks everyone
Trevor -

Here are my HK$.02...I am 31 years old and spent five years in college (BSBA and MBA) full-time. I was lucky enough that my parents and scholarships paid for the tuition; however everything else was on me. I worked the summers saved the cash and had a great time in college and even worked part time on internships during my college years which also generated some income. I had a car the entire time I was in college - first the car my parents gave to me and then a new car I actually purchased my senior year. I recommend having a car - especially if you go away to college. It is great to be able to do the road trips that always come up either for social or educational reasons. Inevitably there will always be someone you meet (i.e. a hot chick) that goes to school someplace else and it will be key to be able to get to her location. Spring breaks, winter breaks and all the other school holidays always lead to fun vacations and it is good to be able to have a car...just remember don't be shy about asking people to contribute to the gas fund if you're vehicle is the "road-trip mobile". I always ended up driving in college and if we did long road-trips we always split the gas usually isn't a hassle. Also, I think it helped me do better in college as driving means you are a designated driver and that means less hangovers and a sharper focused mind. Anyway, my thoughts...don't get rid of it...take it to and gas are cheap in the grand scheme of things and the benefits of having a LC at college will far outweigh the costs. Good luck and remember don't ever drink and time can seriously ruin your life...just ask several of my friends.
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I was thinking 7000$ would be a reasonable price.

I want some of what you're smoking.....:lol:

5K on the very best day on the planet. 4K if you are lucky.
Don't sell it. I'm only 20, with a half-decent job. But I still manage to fill the tank every week, pay for food, clothes, and whatever else I need, with some left over for toys and whatnot.

Just my $.0002

BTW, if you end up selling your truck, don't get a jeep to replace it. My buddy has one and he's broke because of it. Really.
Keep it
for me the reliability of it, far out ways how much it drains my pocket book

Not to mention the safety
I walked away form this without a scratch

Walk, bike, ride the bus, or whatever but don't sell the 80
Out! Glad you're OK!
I say sell it. You'll have enough to think about in college.

Get educated, then when you start making the real money you can buy one of the members rig so they can retire.

BTW, bring er up to Canada you'll get $7k no problem. We have too many of those smelly diesels up here anyways.

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