Thinking about buying a used Land Cruiser

Jan 7, 2004
Santa Rosa Valley, CA
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This may have been asked a million times but here it goes anyway...

I am thinking about buying a used 2000 to 2003 LC. Other than the age of, or mileage on the vehicle are there any differences in these models that would make someone want one year over another? Are they all about the same in the performance and reliability department?

Thanks for the advice!


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Sep 20, 2003
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went through this experience recently. Other good posts on the topic, do a search.
Roughly speaking, all 00 thru 03 are similar in complexity and basic features (Trac control, VSC, V8 etc) besides the trans. These things have quite a bit more expensive electronics than the previous generation, it seems. So issues of warranty become more important. Mechanical stuff won't be cheap either, so caution is in order unless $$ are no object. You might want to consider a dealer-certified or buy an aftermaket warranty.
I found the '03 to feel significantly more powerful -peppier- than the earlier 100s, probably thanks to the 5 speed. (Let's not get into comparing to the 6s, don't want to hurt no feelings on the forum... :D)
I surprised myself by liking the Nav sys quite a bit. Thought I would hate it. Major $$ if it conks out though.
On the newer ones you can also get a full complement of side and curtain air bags. Great for a family.
I would stay away from the 18" wheels if you plan on doing semi-serious offroading and want street tires.
Oct 31, 2003
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A member that's a Lexus mechanic stated on another thread that the 2000 and 2001 LX470's had some problem with a part in the transmission so this might carry over to the LC's I guess they changed vendors and the problem went away in 2002. I want a 100 myself some day when I wearout my 80. Man I hope I'm not to old to drive at that time. These LC's can go on forever.

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