The 80 Recovery Begins..

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Such a steely resolve and sense of purpose...not even a detour to Napa Valley!
This is indeed a very interesting story. Good luck - but don't drive tired.

Thanks for posting the SPOT page - I've never seen it in action. I definately need to get one of those...
I read your story on 'Portal. Glad you have the 80 and its pull-toy back!
Great story that ends well. Drive safe.
We need an update! Thoughts are with you Dave!!! Spot has you in Chino - almost home.
Update is im home with 80 and AT. IM beat! Time for a 20 hour nap and i'll post up pics tomorrow.

The 80 did awesome and it's hotter than hell here!

Here's a shot of Mount shasta..
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Woohoo! Marathon road trip complete and successful. So what mods did you add to the list on your drive home? ;) Looks like you had lots of time to think about it today, traffic?

Glad you two made it home safely. (oohps, oh yeah and Yosh too. :lol: :)
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Beautiful pic. Look forward to the rest and the trip report! Glad you guys are safely home.
Oh god, that last cropped pic is making me sick. :flipoff2: A man truely in love with his rig and trailer. You'd better not have that pic framed and on your desk. Yosh might get jealous!

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