Techie ideas for FJ

Feb 11, 2005
morristown nj
i would love to see some sort of pre-run wires, going up the front pillar, to an access on the roof, for off-road lights.
In all my landcruiser years ( since 1977 ) i have NEVER seen ANY vehicle that had this option.


Nov 27, 2003
why, why, why put IRS on a vehical that is aimed at the offroad community?!
The FJ Cruiser has IFS and solid rear axle.
Let's not get into a discussion here about SFA vs IFS. If you feel a detailed discussion should be referenced, just add a link. I don't want to squash anyone's thoughts but I don't want to wander off topic either.

This should keep things streamlined. Great suggestions and keep them coming! Maybe you can affect the next model FJC!


Mar 2, 2003
Northern California
Aftermarket accessories

A replacement panel for the rear tail gate that provided maximum storage compartments would be great. The storage nets sold by Toyota, p/n PT912-35070, are $89 for the pair, and they're just a strip of molded plastic with some netting. What a rip-off!


el Jefe
Mar 14, 2003
Napa, Ca
Rear windows need to be bigger, and abel to roll up and down for rear seat passengers. Or at least pop open
Sep 19, 2006
Alberta Canada
Roof Rack upgrade

My only complaint is the fact that on the factory roof rack the "long" support does not extend long enought to go all the way forward. I like to carry a canoe and found it a major pain because all the supports are at the back of the rack. The only other option is buy the $160.00 light bar from Real Wheels. What gives?! Am I missing something or did I get three "short supports"?
Oct 29, 2006
I would like to see a wind jam to alleviate the roof rack wind noise. I "know" its in the works, but haven't seen it yet.
Oct 21, 2006
I have a 2000 Jeep TJ all decked out with lockers, 4:88 gears, running GY MTR 37', Warn bumpers, a Warn 9.5 Ti, six inches of total lift , SYE and short shaft kit. What I am getting at is the new 07 FJ Cruiser goes pretty much every place my TJ has gone. They are both yellow and make great stable mates. I am a luck SOB to be able to have both. Michael


not an addict
Jan 30, 2003
windy wyoming
as i told bvb, the fjc "softop" pickup conversion they had at sema. that was sweet and i hate the fjc. also, they gotta figure out a way to make the back door windows roll's claustrophobic back there.
Feb 11, 2005
morristown nj
bolt-in fuses ( i.e. alternator, heater, ect. ) that dont require ripping the whole fuse box apart to replace.
how about face-mounted????
Nov 6, 2006
SoCal - Chula Vista
ha ha.. funny. Another idea I just had, while not very techy. Very important in daily driving. This FJ is just like my girlfriend b itches about pretty much everything. Put it in reverse beeep, no seatbelt beeep, leave door open beeep, it's seriously extremely annoying. But like my g/f I still love her/it :).
Disable the alarms. There's numerous threads on just how turn off the annoying bells and whistles.
Apr 16, 2006
Sacto... Ca.
I have to agree with Chris about the need for more power plugs. Definitely need more of those. Even though Im not in the rear of the vehicles much they do need some handles in the back for the passengers to grab on to.

I would also love to see a sunroof. Thats just me though, I like looking out of the sunroof on a 40degree sidetilt at the ground or the obsticle I am passing.

Sure some of us would love to see a diesel or removable top. Who knows what the future holds. Keep the ideas coming tho because this is great stuff
Nov 28, 2006
Enabling A-TRAC when the rear diff is locked needs to be made available on request.
My understanding is that the new FJC's are coming with it. Anyone wanting to do some serious 'wheeling is mostly already doing it themselves with the widely known "A-TRAC Hack". I'm hearing the Trail Teams cars have it, we should too.
Dealers need to be informed and allowed to perform this on demand. I have a one month old FJC with which I am totally awed but I have a T-case problem for which I have returned it to the dealer. While I was there I asked the Sr Service Tech to look into this, he had no knowledge of it.

Hey Toyota ARE YOU LISTENING?? Give us all the tools please.
Dec 16, 2006
Fix the following annoying things

Hi, I don't yet own a FJ but I'm thinking hard about it. I took a test drive and made the following observations which I think should be fixed in the next model year.
1. Fix the angle of the driver head rests. The are canted at too large an angel so they hit your head at the very top. In fact, redesign the darn things to work right.
2.Find a way to attach the front seat belts so they do not attach to the rear door. You have to remove your seatbelt everytime a pasenger gets it.
3. Fix the radio display so you can see it in plain daylight. It is way too dim. That is because Toyota opted to use a back lit LCD display instead of a Gas Plasma display.
4. The same goes for the compas/temp/yaw guages, they get washed out when in daylight. Make them brighter.
5. Make the back piller smaller to improve rear vision.
6. Make the rear windows and tailgate window so they can open. Right now they don't.
7. Provide as an option a complete towing package like is done on the 4Runner. Package should have a class III or IV hitch, a standard 7 pin plug, and a harness under the dash so that you can mount a break controller. Package should also include a heavy duty altinator. Also, in the package, provide a navigation system like in the 4Runner with a backup camera. Given that the FJ is able to pull 5000lbs+ lets have a great tow rig for travel trailers, to compliment the great off road capability.

That's it for now.:cheers:
Oct 30, 2004
Sacramento, CA
My dad has been driving his for a good bit now, and here are some of his observations:
1-Definitely change up the radio power/volume issue. It's really getting old to have to turn the radio back on every time he wants to change the volume
2-one thing he REALLY wants is a center console. He's used to having one in his 80, and wound up building one for the 40 when he was DD that, why can't the FJC come with one?
3-seats that go completely down, it's a pain to try and throw stuff in the back seat

Some of my things:
1-SFA/lockers, duh, (had to be said, yet again)
2-Definitely could have done something a little more creative as far as the dash is concerned. There is a ton of space there. do something with it
3-make the rear passenger windows do something, it feels like a submarine
Jan 16, 2007
Marysville, WA
  • Reclining rear seats.
  • Back seats pushed toward the back further for roomier interior seating space.
  • Back seats should fold down completely flat
  • Map light needed up front
  • GPS built in.
  • Heated seats.
  • Operational rear windows.
  • Waterproof interior for easy wash out. (Dreaming)
  • Leather option
  • Sun roof
  • Seat belts not attached to the back door would be nice.
  • Washable interior filter.
  • More AC power outlets. Some in the front.
  • More storage in center consol
  • Built in storage on the back door. Eliminate the need for nets.
  • Tie downs in the interior that can be used when the back seats are folded down.
  • Nice if all seats could fold down flat so I could set up camp in it.
  • Grab handles in back.
  • Brighter interior instrument lighting.
  • How about multiple interior instrument lighting colors for you to choose from.
Regardless, It is still the coolest.
Jan 2, 2007
Grab handles!!!!!
Need handles for people.
How can you have an offroad vehicles without handles?

If Toyota left them off becayse they don't fit, they NEED to make them fit.
This is a major oversight IMHO.

The one I sat in at the dealer seemed to be full of grab handles, I remember 2 and maybe 4 of them.
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