Tech day for Keystone?????

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Apr 20, 2003
NE PA coal region
I read Brosie's comments in the yearly meeting blurb with interest. Also saw the response to it from Andy.

Seems like the most active members of the club are the guys who get together regularly to wheel their trucks and pursue their personal interests in off-roading. I'm one of them of course and fully understand this. I also understand and accept that there are members who have no interest in breaking, scratching, or otherwise abusing their land cruisers. I wasn't completely happy in Colorado this year when on the very first trails we did my beautiful HDJ81 got all scratched up driving through some very tight roughly vegetated trail areas. Thankfully all the scratches buffed out!

Maybe we should look at a tech day at someone's garage to look at doing maintenance/repairs/upgrades on some select member's vehicles. Doing such things as a group could really be a benefit to some of the less adventurous members and has the potential to be a great learning experience. Maybe for all of us! Installing a full Old Man Emu suspension in an 80 or doing a knuckle rebuild is certainly doable in a day's time frame especially if there are a lot of hands available.

Logistically where would we have this? I have a two car garage (no heat so winter work is out) with a workbench located 40 minutes from either Rausch or Anthracite. I have a pretty comprehensive set of tools and a good air compressor. The concrete floor is no virgin- lotsa spilled land cruiser fluids have seasoned it since we built it in 1986! Lotsa guys land cruisers have been worked on it, too, including a lot of my own. I'd be willing to host a tech day some Saturday, or..............

If my location and/or facilities are less desirable than someone else can offer, speak up! Just throwing this out there as maybe a start to getting something like this off the ground. The capital city guys do this fairly regularly- I believe more often than once a year. And while I've never attended one of their tech days they look to be popular and productive.

Hopefully this post will start a productive thread that might make our club more productive and helpful to some owners whom we'll never see on the trail. Please feel free to post your thoughts about this!
We did this commonly in the BMW Airheads club ('60s to 1995 era, air-cooled Beemer Bikes)
At least once a quarter someone local was hosting a tech day.

A lot easier to accommodate 10 or so motorcycles and replace a clutch or.... on a bike in a day than on one of these rigs.

That said, I would happily host a Phila area tech day at my garage...... or,

I just dropped my tire machine off at a local shop near my home and we may be able to use that facility as well in the near future.
I do not have a lift yet.
I would love to participate in a Tech day for the selfish reason to learn from other members and to the chance to hang out in general and talk cruisers.
I am one of the further out members...but I would be up for a tech day every now and then. Would be a good opportunity for some of the more mechanically inclined folks to share some knowledge and take some of the mystery out what it takes to do some common maintenance items, (Knuckle jobs, rear axle hubs, electrical troubleshooting, suspension work etc.) heck, we could even rebuild a transfer case or manual trans. All are jobs that can be done in a day.
I would like to see this happen and would be interested in attending. It would be a good opportunity for the collective to discuss the work and determine a plan before the event, and then to go make it happen! I am sure many of us, myself certainly included, have a lot to learn.

I have a nice large heated shop in York right by 83 and 30 but unfortunately it a woodworking shop so not a lot of auto tools and no lift. If the tech day is installing a drawer system perhaps our location would be a good choice.


It has had a number of (in)famous visitors!!! :)
We did something similar to this years ago with my 4Runner at my old house. About half a dozen guys showed up, we rolled a stick non-running vehicle in and at the end of the day we had a new motor put together, installed, along with a set of dual cases. Was a fun day and would love to participate in one again.

If anyone wants, I have two projects :)

FJ40 with a motor swap that just needs a final once over and a turn of the key and the aforementioned 4Runner that is ready for front and rear 3 links!! Think the 4Runner will take a bit longer than a day though :)

If it fits my schedule, I’ll be there.
I can host a tech day. Have a lift in a heated area of the shop with room for an additional three to four rigs on the floor. Plenty of tools, compressor, bead blast cabinet, hot water aqueous parts washer, welder, press, fridge for beverages...

Phoenixville, PA 19460
@jtaco1 I told you already. Since your scared I will come turn the key and you can go hide at your dads house.

Really though. It's been ages since we had a lift party or anything at all.
This gets my vote! I don’t really have a wheel-able rig at the moment, but would love to spend an afternoon wrenching and hanging out - perhaps with a cookout at the end of the day?
In my experience the person getting the free labor usually provides pizza and beer. Or maybe bbq and bourbon
I would be more than happy to join in this, and lend knowledge and whatever less-than-average tools one might need.

That said, and going off of how much interest we have i could look into holding a tech day at my shop. I couldn’t have 18 people running loose doing whatever, but if it’s a handful of us doing a lift or other basic stuff that’s much easier on a lift/shop with air could be feasible. I wouldn’t say this would be something we would do in the regular but maybe a couple times a year could be feasible.
I also have a big drivewaygarage and space to accommodate a large group people for a tech day in spring/summer. Don’t have a ton of stuff at home but i do have a press so if you needed to do bearings or the like we could do a day for that too.
I would be in on this 100%. I have much to learn and do this coming year on both 80s from suspensions, body lift, knuckles, brakes, fluid changes (diffs, tx case, trans), cooling system upgrades, interior removal and cleaning and likely pulling the engine from the LX for at least a HG and top end rebuild.

Lots of room at my place, no air tools and no lift yet ... trucks taking all the money.

Just being able to see repairs and such being done and being able to help others would help me in a huge way. I learn visually, so reading the FSM is great, but still takes me forever to grasp what I can easily replicate once I've seen a repair or helped on it in person.

@fireball and PAToyota. I found a place in downtown York this past year (not far from Revs Stadium) where this guy was teaching welding classes. Huge building with maybe 8-10 lifts. I was there looking at a classic Mustang, but when there he mentioned he was considering renting lifts in the future. Place was clean enough, but not the best part of town and I can't say what security they have if any. Would love to find a place that was willing to rent a lift monthly. I plan on putting in a lift/stacker at my house, but ceiling height in the garage still won't be great for work on the trucks.
@Crusha we could fix your leaky fuel filler tube. It smells like gas behind you.

It's on the list. I have a replacement, It's just been low on the list.

Of course, if my truck burns up...I'd wish I put it at the top! :eek:
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Sounds like we should do this!

Is the next step to have our fearless leader pick a location and date? Once we have that locked in we can start discussing potential projects.
Sounds like we should do this!

Is the next step to have our fearless leader pick a location and date? Once we have that locked in we can start discussing potential projects.
I think the host/victim/person getting free labor should pick the date and venue.

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