tbi problem

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Feb 17, 2002
monkey town, P.g.c. Utah
ok, get this, I finally got my long awaited chip from chet wagner and it doesn't run right. first off it doesn't start by turning the key all of the time i have to give it a little bit of throttle for it to turn over. Second, when i first start it after it has sat for a while it will idle aroud 1100-1200 rpm but as it warms up it climbs until it reaches close to 1600 rpm at idle. it does run a bit smoother but it still chokes when i throttle all the way down I am getting extremly frustrated with it, and
I have no idea what to do, i just recently replaced my tps sensor and my o2 sensor so i wonder if it could be another sensor or maybe I've received a bad chip.
I replied on PBB too:
Did he send it in the mail? I have had problems with chips sent in the mail. Sometimes they get "scrambled" with all the package scanning. When I finally got my programmer, I checked and it was WAY off.

Another thing to check is the IAC motor. &nbsp:Do you have a chevy manual to look at for service procedures? How about a scanner program/tool to see what the ECM is seeing.

One other thing to check is base timing. I don't know if too much advance would give those symtoms, but some people set base timing to 0 in their chip instead of the factory 7 deg btdc. If base timing is 0 int the chip, you need to make sure your distributor is also at 0 deg btdc.



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