tachometer wiring order??

Dec 2, 2009
Ft Worth, TX
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No, sir. I am attempting the same mod as tee bags building a factory tach, project. as i have read through the FSM, i get a little fuzzy... I know the WB and RG wires are for the light, WB is the light ground and RG connects to the tail light circuit. The BY wire goes to the negative side of the coil, I now have two remaining wires, B, black and R, red. I would assume, that would be a ground and an ignition wire, and I would furthermore assume the Red would be ignition, and Black ground. The FSM is pretty clear about not getting them mixed up, but not so clear as to the order they go, so I want to make sure that I have connected them properly in the back of the unit. If I am right on or miles away, please sombody let me know.



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