Surging idle problem, sort of

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Oct 20, 2010
Central NJ
Hi all,
I've been working on my new-to-me 87 22RE 4Runner since I got it in early June. Had a hard start issue which appears mostly resolved. I say mostly because I've never owned a 22RE before and don't know what's "normal" for startup. But it used to require me to feather the gas pedal while cranking it to keep it running and once it was warmed up it was ok. I replaced all vacuum hoses on the truck, had the TPS adjusted by the guys at 22RE Performance and confirmed good. Replaced the 3 radiator hoses as well. New throttle cable because mine was cracked at the firewall. Replaced the upper intake manifold with a nice clean one from LCE.

I drove it today and noticed that the idle "sticks" at 1,500 rpm, sometimes 2,000. But when I blip the throttle it'll come back down to normal, 750-1,000 or so. At a stop sign I did notice it rise to 1,000 then 1,200, then back to normal. I cleaned out the throttle body before sending it off to 22RE Perf with the TPS as it was pretty cruddy.

I've done searching here and some have said low coolant will do this, but my coolant levels are fine. I did order a new OEM radiator because I noticed a leak at the bottom of the current radiator last night (not doing it today oddly enough).

I'm planning on installing at least an aftermarket water temp gauge when I replace the radiator, but I doubt this is related at all. Just figured I'd mention it.

Any ideas?


Check that the vane in the AFM moves freely, could be grit or buildup sticking it in a certain spot.
Check the air tube rubber for cracks.
Welcome to the 22RE. Mine did that all the time (uneven idle), I could never get rid of it. It seemed to help if I sprayed the butterfly pivots with TriFlow, but only temporarily. Thought about having the TB rebuilt. Then I upgraded the entire intake to the "straight through" style from an '89, which helped, but it still does it AFAIK.

Oh yeah, make sure your IACV is working properly. The thermostat part can get sticky and the cold start won't be right.

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