Superwinch X9 wiring help needed

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Sep 29, 2004
Truckee, CA
Long story short:
I've pulled my superwinch *mostly* off of the bumper but the wire rope seems to be jammed on the drum- can't flick the clutch to free spool.
I'd like to power out for about a foot....
The solenoids are already off so I'd like to just apply 12v to the correct terminal(s) on the winch housing to make it go. I know this isn't the ideal scenario, but for a foot, without load, it should work, no?
the terminals from which I have to choose are:


The ground part I can do.
I'm just not sure what the A is all about. I'm assuming f1/f2 are directional, based on the weak diagram on Superwinch's website-

I tried 12v to the A and F1, while the ground went to ground. didn't work. It arced when the jumper cable touched, but... no movement.

this winch has been sitting in the wind/rain/dirt for over a year, so i guess it could actually be frozen, but I'm sure hoping that isn't the case.
I used to have an superwinch and they can give you the jumping procedure...I think it was something like put a jumper between a and f1 and then the negative to the ground, positive to A...but don't do that without checking with them.... X9 sucked ass...

i've been pretty happy with the x9, in general, but I don't winch much. Mostly it is just a very heavy "nice when you need it" thing.
Before I buy a new electric winch, I would probably just buy a hand winch - more versatile, lighter.
thanks for the pointer on the jumper... I tried something like that, no love. I think the spool is frozen, maybe, or just jammed.

First you need to ground the motor.
For one side, put 12V at F1 and connect F2 to A (usualy i use a big screwdriver for that).
For the other side, put 12V to F2 and connect F1 to A.
it's very important that the connections are good, if not, there is no enough current for the motor to rotate.
I dont know which side is spool or unspool, just try it.
By the way, the connections are the same for almost all winch motors.

A - Armature
F1 - Field 1
F2 - Field 2

The connections between F1/F2 terminal to the A terminal make the series connection between the Armature and Field (thats why they are named Series-Wound Motor)

Hope this helped.
i think it will help very much!
I just need to go try it out, I'll post results
If you want, PM me your email and I will send you some literature that Superwinch sent me about doing that and testing the solenoids.
my email is all over the web anyway-- just drop me a line to steve at that wonderful travelogue we all love :)
bkfj40 said: X9 sucked ass...


Why you gotta say stuff like that?? :crybaby:
old thread, but just an aside: I've been happy with the X9. Maybe I just don't know any better, but the winch has worked well for my purposes.

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