Subdividing residental property in Phoenix

Discussion in 'AZ- Copper State Cruisers' started by LandCruiserPhil, Aug 14, 2006.

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    Does anyone know what hoops are involved in subdividing a parcel in the Phoenix area. I have been told by the city planner that it can be divided but what all is involved?
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    There are "Lots" of variables in subdividing (pardon the pun :), and I'm not an expert..but here's a first reply based on my digging into this subject last year.

    You need to know what zoning classification your lot is in now and understand the Phoenix Zoning Ordinance (can probably find it online) to determine if resulting lots after the split will still meet the requirements for that zone classification. For example, I am zoned R-43 which means at least one acre per lot minimum is required. I have 1.75 acres, but I cannot split into two lots obviously because the two resulting lots would be less than the required one acre per lot for R-43 zoning.

    After you know the zoning codes and what you want to split...if you think it will all fit, then you can start spending money :) such as you will need to hire a professional AZ registerd land surveyor to draw up an official map of the split parcels. If you are a real do it yourselfer you might be able to read enough and walk yourself through the whole thing, or if it were me, abecause I'm the paranoid type when it comes to something like this, I would find a recommendation for a good real estate attorney...they do lot splits in their sleep.

    Hope that helps.
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