stupid question 2200 motor out a 94 camry in 86 4runner?

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Apr 25, 2005
Hi i got a chance to get me a complete 2200 4 banger i beleve its just a 22re corect? its from a 94 camry or corola i forget wich. will this motor work in a 94 4runner? what would need changed wireing wise? anything or all just basicly hook up?



what i wana put it in

will it work?
Well, the 2200 is DOHC where the 22RE is not. Not to mention the transaxle... So not sure what else is different. I'd say that you want all the electronics that went with the 2200. You'd have to see if a truck transmission is going to bolt up to it once the transaxle is off.
also i can get the motor for a $150.00 friend owns a shop he gets alot of cars he strips and scraps. this was good running motor he had pulled
does that mean the intake and fuel injectors would be a no go for a swap on a 22re? thats the problem with my motor right now injectors are cloged. And for 150 bucks i get whole motor. just dont no if accesorys intake fuel injectors exc would swap over . and u say its dohc motor . wich im guessing even if it did bolt up my comp wouldnt run it.
I'd be surprised if ANYTHING from that engine swapped over.

Pull your injectors, send them out to WitchHunter, have them cleaned and balanced. Even with all the gaskets and stuff you'll need, you still won't spend $150.
Those two engines are totally different. Even if you could mate the tranny to the engine I don't think you would be happy.

5S-FE: 135hp@5,400 rpm, 145lb·ft@4,400 rpm
22RE: 112hp@4,600 rpm, 142lb-ft@3,400 rpm
does that mean the intake and fuel injectors would be a no go for a swap on a 22re?

Go to someplace online like and start checking part numbers between a '94 4Runner and a '94 Camry or Corolla. If you find the same number for the injectors, you can swap them. Etc.
Given that the injector plugs aren't even compatible on 22RE's from 1986 to 1989, I seriously doubt 1994 injectors will work.

And even if they did, they are probably just as dirty as the ones you would pull off.
X2 Pull your injectors and send them to WitchHunter.

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