strong gas smell at shut down

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Apr 14, 2002
Decatur, Texas
That sums it up gang. After driving around a bit when I park and shut Bluey down I get a strong fuel smell.
It seams to be on the DS of the truck and not in the engine compartment. Any clues before I go to the TSD with the problem?

First, you should eliminate the obvious like under bonnet fuel leaks or fuel line leaks anywhere.

Next would be the fuel cap. I put this second because they don't last forever and they're cheap compared to the charcoal caniser.

Next would be the charcoal canister. There is a test in the FSM.

You did not specify what you are driving so I'll go out on a limb and assume an 80 series of some year. :rolleyes:

If that is the case and the raw fuel smell does not seem to be coming from the engine compartment, I would hazard a guess that the fuel cap is either loose or bad. I have seen this before, to include my vehicle (bad cap)..

1-Sorry about that-yes '96 series 80.
2-fuel cap seems intact. last emission inspection the guy said something about the cap but it seems like it seals well. When I remove the cap at fuel ups I get a big rush (outflow) of air. Almost knocked me unconcious as I accidently inhaled.
3-I have looked in the engine compartment and crawled under looking for any evidence of fuel leak with no luck.
I may go ahead and get a new cap tommorrow at the toy store since I am going for belts and a new PCV anyway. (annual mx time).
I'm betting cap,

It's a 77310-35080.

Cheers, D-
With an OBDII vehicle you should get a check engine light with a leaky fuel cap or vent side of the system. My bet would be on the high pressure side so don't waste any time getting it fixed.$.02
Ok, I do have a check eng light on so I ran the codes at vatozone and it came up egr and 02 sensor. No fuel cap code, I am assuming due to an earlier post that there is one possible. Going to remove and clean the EGR and that plastic dohicky next to it and then reset the light and see what happens.

Why would the leak be on the high pressure side? I mean what/where should I be looking? I again assume that if it is on the high press side then something somewhere is plugged up, No?

I had the same problem. Gas was being forced up through the charcoal canister and out the drain. IIRC, the canister drain actually exits in the frame by the PS box so is really hard to find. I changed caps twice and it seems to have stopped, but I am unsure what the cause was. BTW, it did it after I filled the tank to the brim and then parked it.
Do you over fill the tank?
I always did till I went to CO and topped off the tank and hit the trails above treeline. I smelt gas. The charcoal canister sounded like a pressure cooker.
I blew out the canister and got new gas cap and never over fill the gas tank.
I just click the gas pump twice after it stops filling.
As far as topping the tank I usually do extra click and call it full. It doesn't seem to do it relative to a full tank, in fact I was at about 1/8 tank when I smelled it yesterday and started this thread.
I do not have a FSM (I know, bad owner) so can someone clue me on the location of the Charcoal Canister. Next time I smell fuel I can go poke my nose in there.
Its right behind the battery. It has three hoses on the top and the size 32oz can.
One hose goes to the intake, one goes to tank and the other goes into fender.
Thanks Kurt.
I guess the hose to the intake sucks the non EPA friendly gas fumes into the engine when running and the vent is a ...well a vent.
Time to check for stopped up lines.
I have no gas fumes with the new cap and not topping off cap.
I did blow out the canister but there is a warning about blowing it out on a Toyota page but I don't know where it was.

DON'T DO WHAT I DID but I sprayed carb cleaner in the caniser and blew it out.
I am lucky I still and alive but it worked for me.

Another DONT do is spray starting fluid near the HEI dist cap when it is running.
The wife and kids hear a boom and looked out and seen me trying to get the fire out from engine of the FJ60.

As I know say "Don't do as I do". But if I don't do it, the rest of you will not know what not to do.
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