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Nov 28, 2005
Bend, Oregon
I need to put some type of side steps on my 1994 LC. It does not have factory running boards or any aftermarket lift. I have seen the sweet wooden stool / rope option (thanks for the great laugh landtank!), but need something a little more robust! I do not see this rig ever in a situation where sliders would be necessary and had been looking at the smittybilt steps, but just read a thread about the potential danger of the nerf bar style side steps (had not thought of the ankle twist, but seems like it could happen pretty easily! - thanks spartan). My wife and kids are the primary riders and would love to be able to get in without having to be rock climbers!

Thanks for any input! Let me know if this is not considered "tech" and I will try to move it to the right forum.
Look in the FAQ under accesories and Forum members Sliders. I have the Slee STEP sliders and am very happy with them. They are very "Family" friendly were the other sliders would have not been.
Romer reply

I was just looking at your rig in the faqs when the e-mail alert came over! So far, that is my choice, but was hoping to not spend that much (read "cheap bastid"!). I will probably just break the kid's piggy banks and get the slees (they are the ones complaining about getting into the rig anyway - at 6'1" I do not have too much trouble).

Thanks again for the pictures in the faqs!
Sounds like what you really want are factory running boards. They're not available new but you may try to sourse some used running boards. I don't know how difficult they are to find but most people here take there's off. S oyou may be able to pick them up pretty cheap but the shipping may cost a little. Also may have some.
I still have my running boards in my garage (in very good shape) from when I got my Slee Step-Sliders.

If interested PM me.
I need front mudflaps, if you have those, maybe we can work out a trade for my OEM running boards.

PM me if you are interested.
fochdog reply

I just don't like the look of the factory running boards. I need to just stop whining and get the slees. I am going to search here and on the net for LC with the slees to make up my mind. I have looked at romer's and want to see more! As far as not needing the "slider" purpose, better safe than sorry and my 220 lbs. fat a** would probably bend the factory running boards! Thanks for the offer, I will keep it in mind if I just can not swing the slees.

Quick question, do the slees just bolt on a 1994? Slee's site has the instructions but just wanted to ask if they are "real world" correct.

KC Cruiser reply

I will be holding on to the flaps until I pick which option to go with. If I decide to part with them, I will hunt you down.

Thanks for the offer.
Yes, they just bolt on. You can download a PDF of the procedure at Slee's site.

If you have a family, get the step sliders. I have the tube sliders with 3M non-slip tape where feet are likely to land. I still lose a kid into the gap every now and again. And during ice storms they're very tricky.

Good in the rocks though! :D

FWIW, if my fat ass didn't bend the factory running boards I had...your scrawny 220 lbs self isn't going to do much damage to it.

That being said...I have slee's (regular/tube) sliders on my 80 and love them. I also have slee's step sliders on the wife's 80 and she loves them.

Pony up. Get the step sliders. Even if you don't use them as sliders, consider them as additional protection against a side-impact.
NorCalDoug reply

Wise words (And a compliment to boot - I have never been called scrawny!). I am counting pennies right now and hope to have the slee stepsliders soon.

Thanks again to everyone for the input!
Driley said:
Wise words (And a compliment to boot - I have never been called scrawny!). I am counting pennies right now and hope to have the slee stepsliders soon.

Thanks again to everyone for the input!
You haven't seen both Doug and Alvaro counter weight a fully armoured 80. :)
I love my step sliders and so does my wife and kids. They have been put to good use :)
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