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Feb 19, 2006
North Idaho
does anyone know of a definitive way to get the gear ratio for a 01/1988 fj62 without taking off the diff cover? I just purchased one and have many mod plans for it but want to do the suspension and body armor (as money allows) before messing with the diffs. I was told that all 62's should have come with 4.11s but the way this baby operates with only 31's I'm not so sure. my plan is to lift and do 33's but don't want to have to get a push to get up my road here at the house. I'm fairly confident that the running gear is stock and contacted a dealer for info through the VIN to know avail., any help from you gurus out there would be appreciated!
Only way it would have anything other than 4.11's is if a PO made a change. Easy to check. Jack up the rear of the truck (safely) ebrake off, tranny in neutral. Crawl under and turn the driveshaft. Count DS turns and wheel turns. DS should be 4.11 turns to one complete wheel revolution. While it's hard to do this to better than +/- 1/10th of a DS turn, that should be accurate enough to tell which of the different gear options you have. FWIW, options are 3.70, 4.11, 4.56, 4.88 & 5.??
Excellent, thanx for the reply Doug! I knew there had to be another way, I'll check that first thing in the morning. Since your 60 is fairly close in age to my 62 I oughta ask you for any rec's on engine mods- (headers and such) and when I do get to gears where to go from there. Again any advice given out there would be appreciated. I'm in the process of making necessary arrangements for the install of the MAF- OME 4 inch lift with shackle reversal. Hope I made the right choice.. but hey, you only live once! Thanks again- Darren

Lovetoski would have a different engine and tranny. Best bet would be to read tons of info here and check out the sticky's up top. You made a good choice on the life. OME is a great upgrade from what I hear.

Post up some pics of your ride. Remember you bought a Land Cruiser, not a sports car. Dont expect it to be fast and save your # on the headers and such for engine components. Its a tractor engine, get used to it.

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