starter woes

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Apr 10, 2003
Starter is going in Wally ('888 FJ62), anyone have any luck with specter's rebuilt ones? Appears to be the solenoid, if I smack it with my rock hammer it works, so is it smart to replace the soleniod or just get the starter?
We have a local electrical shop that rebuilds starters and alternators. Usually one day turn around, prices are reasonable also.
Does it turn over fine when you bypass the solenoid? Ground the high tension lead and turn it over for awhile. Does the started get hot?

Take it apart. Are the brushes worn down to the nubs? Is the armature heavily burnished? Is the varnish on the windings cracked and discolored?

I've had good luck on older domestic starters with replacing just the solenoid. (You can even get quite a few more starts by just sanding down the contacts in the solenoid. Useful for field fixes.) Can't say how durable a LC starter is, but if it's anything like the rest of the truck, you may get years more out of it.

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