Squirrely handling

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Apr 10, 2006
Bountiful, UT
Lately the 80 has been very squirrely. I have about 40k miles on my OME medium suspension. What should I start checking first?

I feel it especially in the wind, it's become very difficult to handle. Also anything that causes a lateral sway. The standard push on the corners test seems more than fine and it takes the bumps and jolts on a dirty road pretty well. I appreciate your guidance. Thanks!
What kind of caster correction do you have? And did it get your caster back to spec? I know you have noticed it lately, but it does kind of sound like caster is off. Any new mods or new weight you are carrying around?

Wheel bearings loose?
Trunnion bearings loose?
Steering arms loose?
Shock mounting bolts TIGHT?
Panhards and locating links TIGHT?
If everything is tight, drop some coin and get the thing aligned. I was getting frustrated because my cruiser was wandering more than I felt was normal for over a year. I had it aligned 2 years previously, so I figured it had to be something else. Well, sure nuff, one side was out some and the truck now is much easier to hold on to in cross winds. It is "painful" because I had to spend money on someone else to work on the cruiser, but for me, I should have done it a lot sooner than later.
Caster correction: none. I never installed the slee bushings, so it's significantly worse now than even that.
Recent changes: I had the dealership install new birfields that I got from cdan. Replaced reunion bearings at the same time. Something could have gone wrong there. Thanks for the list, I'll go through it.
Alignment: I paid for a firestone lifetime alignment once, maybe I'll take it in there and have them look at that.

More to come...
sleeoffroad said:
Install the caster bushings.

I agree, the handling you describe sounds alot like mine after lift but prior to caster correction. At least get your free alignment (only toe in is adjustable), and you will get a read out of your caster numbers.

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