Squeak from back hatch

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1988 Fj62
Nov 7, 2014
Monterey, Ca
Hey guys
After buying my 62 this last fall I've gotten out all the little bugs like slow power window and door locks not working. The last one I have is this squeaky rear hatch I've tried silicon spray on it with no luck and don't really want to put grease on it or anything that will leave a residue. If you guys have any thoughts or suggestions please help
I was having the same problem with my hatch. I adjusted the latches and it cured my squeak. Hope it helps.
I have the same squeak. I'm going to egg out the holes on the spring loaded nylon tensioner and see if I can apply more tension to the hatch lid when it's closed. I've adjusted everything else.
It needs adjusting. I've tried and made it worse. haha. Might take it to a body shop.
Needs adjusting. The door is not fully closing and locking the second latch in the lock assembly. Endlessly slamming the door harder and harder to make it shut tight and stop squeeking will not fix the problem (not to imply anyone would try that...)

After several adjustments and cleaning/ lubing my end gate the squeak squeak squeak was driving me to drink [more]. A search in the archives got me no answers and made me wonder why the topic was not covered in any great detail anywhere, since this noise was SO aggravating.
Then, my dim-witted brain suggested to look beyond my now perfectly sealing and latching hatch and discovered my noise was not from there at all.
Turns out missing latch bushings on the upper rear seat sound just like a squeaky endgate. Meh

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