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Aug 20, 2003
I was just on SOR and saw that they are blowing out some Aftermarket Bumpers for FJ60s for $60 each. They're black instead of the chome. I think they'd look alright on a 60 but I don't know if they're made well or what gage steel they are. Anyone have these on their rig. Seems like a good deal. Any thoughts ???
maybe someone else will chime in but... I saw them and figured they were the same thickness as oem, just painted black. As you may well know, these offer almost zero protection and any hunk of steel would be better :p
yeah, I put one on the front of our '60: it's a total P.O.S.!!!! Cheap Taiwanese crap!!! Very few of the holes lined up without modification, and the tow hook cutout wouldn't clear the hook without cutting a chunk out of the bumper. Only saving graces is that it was "on sale" for $40.00 and was black -- since SOR has a no return policy on sale items, it's only acting as a place holder until I fabricate a real bumper for it.

don't do it unless you absolutely need to have a black bumper for cheap (in every sense of the word)

-dogboy- '87 FJ60
looks like it would be easier to paint a stock bumper black with some of that Krylon Fusion paint than spend time and money making one of these fit. I totaled my stock bumper on a sapling, IF I would have had a real bumper I would have had zero body damage.

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