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Apr 4, 2009
Hello, I sm nre to forum..GREAT SITE. I just bought a 97 40th. The speakers are crap crap crap. I have 9 in all. 2 frnt doors, 2 back doors, 2 dash, 2 rear up high and one on pass side panel in back. Can I find replacement speakers that I change them all out. My head unit is cool for now. I did search alot but I cant seem to get a solid answer on using replacements w/o sacrificing the factory grill. Can someone point me where I can get theser crappers out of my 40th...

Peace and Love;p

And before someone else tells you - Search Search Search :D

I just ordered 4 X Infinity 6022si's on 30% discount from Crutchfield to dump into a Collectors Edition - the truck arrives on Friday the speakers will probably be next week.

I'll post up the install when I get it done.

These probably won't keep the factory grills though - but are about as shallow mount as I could find.

And welcome :flipoff2:
I replaced the front speakers with the Pioneers mentioned in the FAQ (can't remember the P/N) and was able to keep the factory grill. HUGE improvement!
Thanks ...I have been searching but I've seen so many different answers, including the subwoofer fiasco...Ok I just need a defintive on using factory grill. Thats my biggest concern. I want to keep the Land Cruiser look:eek:
The factory external amp is not up to par for the new speakers and will easily be the weakest link once you replace the speakers. Many have replaced the head unit and amp with a Scion HU with a built in amp. They can be had on eBay for around $50 and sound 10x better from the get go. Plenty in search on that subject.

The dash speakers are worthless - I would just disconnect if you get good door speakers, they will only add distortion. There is also a good thread around on a fairly cheap sub woofer replacement that mounts where the stock one is hidden. Search is your friend here too.
Factory grills are BORING....


But to each their own.
bluetribal, what is that blue thing in the center of the speaker? the tweet? and the thing below it? are those like tri-axial speakers or something?
Yeah, they are 5 1/4" three way speakers with a Hybrid Mica PP Cone Woofer & PEI Balanced dome tweeters. Eclipse SE8355 90W 30W RMS.
But to have your grills on the outside of your door panel you have to add plastic spacers and I had to drill new holes so the ECLIPSE logo would be straight. The stock screw holes are at 12, 3, 6 & 9 while for these I needed the screw holes to be at 1, 5, 7 & 11 aprox.

Oh and in the back I went with just 4" Eclipse SE8243 but I honestly feel I could have fit a larger speaker.
Here is a link to my install if anyone is interested: LINK
6.5 Focal Thin Mounts fit...

You will have to loose the factory grill, but you can paint the new grills to match and you will barely be able to tell the difference. Besides that, you get great sound, and the added range of a 6.5. This is a HUGE difference over stock and anything else you could squeeze behind the factory grills.

The last post regarding your amp is 100% true. I would look to invest in a new head unit and or amp if you are looking for quality. If you just need better than what you have now, all the above replies will cover you. I am a bit picky. Good luck.

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