So long Charlie...

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Apr 21, 2006
Chattanooga, TN
Just thought I'd let you guys know that my 4yr old german shepherd died yesterday unexpectedly. I was at work but my wife called me twice to let me know he had been throwing up and hiding in weird places outside. It was a typical busy monday at work and my dog had been known to get into stuff that makes him sick so i just told her to make sure he has water & food and it would pass. About 3:00 i got the call from my wife saying he was gone. After confirming with my vet tech sister, she told me to look up "canine bloat" so i googled it. Every single one of the symptoms fit my dog exactly. I just wanted to post this link because I had never heard of this problem with bigger dogs. If I can help one of you to possibly see these symptoms early, there usually is a good chance of survival with surgery. Thanks and so long bud! Canine Bloat: Links
I'm sorry about your pup. RIP Charlie.
Well That just blows

Sorry to hear :frown:

I was waiting to see some ass post :repost: thinking this was about Chuck Heston
:frown: Sorry to hear.
Sorry for your loss
This thread saddens me.

Sorry for your loss.

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