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Apr 20, 2008
So i Have the 3" double steel tube rear bumper from Smittybuilt on my 86' 4Runner, and ive tried looking online as well as a local truck shop that told me smittybuilt no longer manufactures the matching front bumper. i like the look of the rear bumper and would like the same for the front and that would also give me the clearance for the intercoller id like to install( which was suggested by a Toyota Dealer Technician who also owns a turbo 4runner). reason being that the turbo makes things really hot and burns the oil really quicklike. ive been changing my oil every 1000 miles thus far just to be on the safe side, but thats besides the point. anyone know where i can get this front bumper? through a company or a friend or you have one laying about. otherwise i will have to just custom fab one.

yeah i try to check fairly often, whether it be someone parting out a truck that might have it or someone selling it specifically. no luck thus far... i checked with some local junkyards with no luck either, but i know fresno pick n pull and some other large junkyard out that way could possibly have them, but would probably want to charge me too much for it. ill just keep at it i suppose, lemme know anyone if ya find one i would appreciate it!

I think by now most of them have rusted out, been wrecked or are going to be with the vehicle they were installed on for quite some time. I see them on my local craigslist sometimes (usually for more than they were originally lol). In my honest opinion you'd be better off buying a Marlin or All-Pro bumper for the price but to each their own. I know that Performance Products sells Smittybuilt but I'm not sure if they still make the Toyota tube bumpers. If I see any on my local craigslist (Denver) I'll shoot you a pm.
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i just sold a 4runner to a guy in texas. had the bumpers front and rear. ill give you his address and you can take your chances of getting the bumpers. just remember the guns are bigger in the lone star state. :lol:
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