Small Tree Stump = 1, Vince's LX450 = 0

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Aug 25, 2006
Central PA
I was sure I could I could miss that little beast, and thought I did, but I didn't. And we were just minutes from being done for the day. After I finished riding up on it, it generated the following parts list:

* fan clutch assembly
* fan
* fan shroud
* radiator
* assorted hoses and gaskets

AAA dropped the truck off at the repair shop in Hummelstown. The driver had grown up in the town and knew exactly where to go. He also took me home. So that went well. Thanks again to Greg for hanging out until the roll back showed up.

Here's what I've learned to date:

The radiator is brass, from a '93 80, to help deal with the heat from the supercharger better than the aluminum ones. The fan clutch has had the silicone oil replaced with 10 or 15,000 CST oil (not sure which), also to help in cooling. The fan shroud has to be modified to clear the right side battery. Also, but not on the parts list, is the cabling that runs along/under the upper core support. Problems there could lead to electrical issues and possible fires.

I am in touch with Steve Cramer (Poser on Mud) along with (shortly) Gary Schmauch for general guidance and (shortly) Robbie Antonsen (Powderpig on Mud) for re-oiling the fan clutch and (shortly) Onur (for parts). There is a local mechanic, not a Toyota mechanic but an old-time general mechanic who adopted the truck when he first saw it five years ago, who has agreed to do the work.

Any and all thoughts and comments would be appreciated.

My wife likes the fact that the garage is half empty, so there's that.
Vince, I had no idea you had a blower on that thing until you popped the hood. Not that I’m at all shocked considering how well set up everything else is.
That's a real bummer Vince. All I can say is good luck finding and having a brass radiator for an 80 shipped to you in one piece. I went through two different suppliers and 5 shipping attempts before one showed up in tact. Autozone got it right on the third try.
Brass Mr. T radiators are NLA for 80's. Got a quote to rebuild the OEM and that was almost $500. I wound up hunting down the brass one through Spectre (the manufacturer, not Specter off road). Best of luck, and I hope that helps...
Sorry Vince! Hope the 80 heals up quick!
I jumped the gun on the orange fan clutch. Didn't arrive in time for repair work to begin. Not sure it was ever real. I'm not concerned because there won't be temps of 120 degrees plus here in PA, especially over winter. Hoping to be on the trail again in January, assuming.... Thanks for the advice and encouragement.

Add to orange fan clutch: After being told it was definitely not going to happen, it showed up on my doorstep last night and is now in the repair queue. Go figure.
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