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Jun 29, 2011
Charleston, S.C.
Hey everybody, got a question about mating up a SM420 to my F engine. I've found a adapter kit to mate it up to my 3-speed t-case, but was wondering if I'll need any special adapters to hook it up to the engine? Thanks!
It will bolt right up to the 3 speed bellhousing, but there are 4 minor issues:

1. you need a special pilot bearing that has an inner race that is 3/8 inch longer because the nose of the 420 is shorter.
2. you need to use a GM clutc disc.
3. You need to sleeve the bearing retainer to use the toyota throw out bearing
4. You may want to add a ring around the base of the bearing retainer because the hole on the 3sp bellhousing is about 3/8 larger diameter than the GM bellhousing.
You need a 10 spline chevy clutch disc, you need a carrier bearing support sleve, an indexing ring and a differen't bushing to replace the carrier bearing, it extends out and handles the shorter nose of the sm420, Extreme bends in Canada sells a kit with all of the parts, waiting for mine now, hopefully not too much longer, Steve is a nice guy.

Pin Head is so fast, cheers, Larry

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