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Jan 7, 2010
Can anyone tell me if this is something that's adjustable or is there a bigger issue? When looking at back of my rig, right side is about 1/2" higher or left is 1/2" lower, however you want to look at it, its of by 1/2" between left and right. I just had the EMU Nitro shocks installed but it is the same, so I know it's not the shocks. This unevenness has been there for a while now, I thought it was the rear well fender that's off or a visual illusion, but seems not the case when I measure again from bottom of tire well fender to ground level. What could this be? Is the OEM torsion bar adjustable for this 1/2" off? Truck rides totally fine, but just this slight difference really bugs me looking at the rear.
The whole side is higher or just the rear or front wheel, when you say right side do you mean the passenger side or driver's side. Take some pics, but on these rigs usually the driver's side hits higher to compensate for gas tank and driver's weight.
Very common for LH ear to drop over time.

Crank the LH torsion bar adjusting nut 1 turn CW, for starters. Then measure again from center of axle to bottom of fender. If front starts losing rake, Turn RH TB nut CCW which will drop RH front, rising LH rear. Keep front end about 3/4" lower than rear end "RAKE".
The driver side rear spring is taller than the passenger side spring. Maybe the springs were installed in the opposite corner when the shocks were installed?

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