Simple options to reduce for higher speeds?

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Sep 14, 2003
Centennial, Colorado
I have a 77 Cruiser with a stock engine and tranny. When I get over 50 MPH the reps on the engine are loud. I expected that for a Land Cruiser. I have seen options to change out the tranny. Are there simplier and less expensive options that would give me a little bit. It's hard to afford all the "I wants" at one time.

I just want to be able to drive it on the highway without worrying if the engine will blow. I did that in a 73 cruiser about 20 years ago.

I heard bigger tires will help, but I don't want to make it more dangerous on ice.

I plan on going with the 5 speed H55F tranny and taller tires. Even in my 60 it's SLOW.

Had a 71 FJ40 and drove the snot out of it for 150k miles - a lot of it at top speed. I do NOT reccomend this option. Replaced Tcase and eventually the head. Overdrive is called for here, I think.

Mike S
Tall tires = Poor mans overdrive
I run 35s and don't think the larger diameter is a handicap in the snow and ice. I'm a snowmobiler and pull a trailer full of sleds with a 40. No problem.
I agree with hammerhead, put bigger tires on. You'd be amazed at what a 31" tire can do for your top end. And that is a modest increase in tire size.
bigger tires, just make sure your brakes are in good order. check all the wheel cylinders for leaks, etc.
Go slower...they were never intended to get over 65 to begin with! :D
31x10.5 or 33x10.5 Both available in a BFG All Terrain for snow use (I run a 33x10.5 MT tho on my daily driver pickup with no complaints - Wisconsin)

Keeping the tread narrower will help with road/winter driving.

Unfortunately, the OD does nothing for your t-case, it only reduces your engine speeds.

Another option would be installing 3.70 gears to replace the 4.11's in there now....might even get lucky and find a 79+ owner interested in swapping.

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