Shout-out to the boys at Bump-it Offroad (BIO)

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Dec 18, 2012
northern utah
Just finished bolting up a new bumper from BIO and thought I'd share with the muddies how stoked I am with the whole thing. First off, Mike rules.. his craftsmanship is stellar. This bumper has serious aesthetic qualities and you definitely can't beat the price. I had them powder-coat and ship it, and it arrived beautifully packed and wrapped. Mike even hunted around for my best shipping option. They build this stuff to order and there is a wait period.... which worked out great because I needed a little time to get my wife on board. So if you're in the market for bomb-proof bolt-ons, check them out. Thanks again guys.
Nice looking bumper! You gonna stuff a winch in there?
More pictues. BIOR was great to deal with when I got my skid plate from them
I think that's the best looking front bumper out there, and at nearly the lowest price of any front bumper. (A solid combination.) More pictures would be welcome.
Do you have to move the AC dryer? Is it protected? Really nice looking!
Do you have to move the AC dryer? Is it protected? Really nice looking!
there is an integrated shield for the dryer, which i thought i would definitely utilize but as it turns out, mine, a 93', doesn't have the dryer in that spot. weird.
I'm lusting after that bumper. It looks really nice.
Bumper looks amazing. I'm considering the same one. How has it held up over the last three years?
I haven't bought one because I keep telling myself I should build my own instead, but have talked to Mike on the phone about custom alterations to accommodate an intercooler and he was totally on board and happy to make those minor tweaks for me. Best looking tube bumper out there, if you're a tube guy. 👍

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