1. MurderBird45

    FREE  Richmond, VA, LX450 Rear Center Bumper

    Tried to make it work on my 94 80 series. Gifted to me by a friend here in RVA so passing on the good fortune to anyone who needs it.
  2. kem

    New! Dissent GX 470 high clearance front bumper, limited production

    Hello, My name is Filip and I work at Dissent Off-road. (and I happen to own a GX 470 :) If you're not familiar with Dissent off-road we specialize in armor and related accessories for Land Cruisers, particularly the 100 and 200 series. We have an excellent reputation for quality, customer...
  3. HighMileageCruiser

    SOLD  San Diego, Kaymar 100 Series Land Cruiser Bumper with tire and fuel can carriers

    I'm selling my 4 month old Kaymar rear bumper that I purchased for my 2000 100 Series Land Cruiser. It has the tire carrier, dual fuel/water can carrier and the extending flood light that is attached to the tire swing (tire and fuel/water cans not included). The light and license plate...
  4. BlackMammoth

    Rear bumper options for 2018?

    So the rear bumper lost it's battle against an immovable object. So... Time for a rear bumper! I am located in Southern California Slee (over 4k :oops:) Dissent Offroad Dobinsons (looks like it will block radar sensors) ARB? RLC Others??
  5. Chris in AZ

    Anyone Recognize this rear bumper?

    when I purchased this 80 series (New River Area)I was told that the bumper I had was custom and a one off by someone in Arizona. They may have gone into business and may still be in business today. If anyone is aware of who built this bumper please let me know.
  6. Gnarwgn

    SOLD  100 Series OEM Bumper

    100 Series OEM Bumper, off a '99. Great shape, small scuff as pictured. Includes 2 Depo, one in great condition, 1 not so great (fogged). $100
  7. R

    SOLD  Bay Area, CA: FZJ80 AOE 4x4 Front bumper

    Howdy. For sale or trade: Front AOE4x4 bumper, asking $1000 w/o lights or trade for trail gear tube bumper Front: Powder coated, winch mount. It currently has a Procomp 30" LED light bar and two KC ditch lights, I'd like to keep them but for the right offer I'd sell them. Asking: $1000 obo w/o...
  8. M

    Ironman bumper fitment issues - gx470

    Ironman bumper questions. 2007 gx470 For those who have mounted it. Please help. What the heck did I do wrong. Or did I get a wrong part. I don’t need to trim the top bumper for the hood latch as it is almost 3in out from it. I’m maxed out on adjustability with the slotted holes and can only...
  9. JessiesBliss

    SOLD  Landcruiser 80 Prinsu Roof Rack - Near Seattle

    Paid $900 new Good condition Perfect for roof top tent or overlanding Rack and all mounting hardware included Serious inquires only $650 Whidbey Island, Washington
  10. O

    SOLD  Midland, TX - 200 Series Front and Rear Bumpers - ARB Summit, RLC

    ARB Summit and RLC rear bumper off my 2017 Land Cruiser 200 for sale. Both bumpers were painted by a body shop to match my silver Land Cruiser. Both have around 30,000 miles and 2 1/2 years of use. Front bumper has small paint chips shown in pictures. The rear bumper has scratches that don't...
  11. atnolan94

    SOLD  DALLAS, TX: Dobinsons 100 Series Dual Swingout Rear Bumper LOCAL PICKUP

    I am listing my Dobinson's rear bumper for sale. It is about 2 years old. I have used this bumper and it is extremely stout, check out my build thread linked below and my Instagram @atnolan94 to see everywhere I have gone with this thing. I am going a different route and am going to sell this...
  12. J

    Wanted  TX: FJ40 bumper brackets that attach to frame

    Hello MUD! looking for a pair of the below highlighted brackets that attach to the frame. Please let me know if you have a pair you are willing to part with? Thanks
  13. D

    SOLD  WA, OR, CA - Custom Made Swing Away Tire Carrier for 80 Series

    What I have here is a home made swing away tire carrier that bolts into your frame and designed to be used with your stock bumper. The only modifications you'll have to make is drill two additional holes for the bolts, and make a cut on the plastic cover for the spindle. Please see pictures. It...
  14. billiam

    SOLD  Seattle: 1988 FJ62 Rear Bumper

    Selling rear bumper from my 1988 FJ62. Bumper is in good condition, no dents or major scratches, no rust visible externally. Has minor scratches, nothing major. Includes both black plastic end caps in good condition. Asking $250 OBO Shipping from 98105 via USPS, UPS or Fedex - 12x12x72...
  15. scoobiedubes

    FJ25 & Very early FJ40 Front Bumper “group buy” - Gauging Interest

    I finally found an FJ25 front bumper for my FJ28 build, but prior to finding one I had been discussing fabricating one with a few different places. I believe there is some demand from others doing builds to have some made so I wanted to gauge interest to see how many could use one. It sounds...
  16. ElHefe

    Rattle can restoration

    Getting body panels or parts repainted can be expensive and time-consuming (mostly your vehicle sitting at a body shop in the queue). Some of our vehicles warrant only the best, but I got mine to have fun and paying someone else to paint the truck really didn’t make sense. I had some sun damage...
  17. R

    80 Series Bumper

    Hey all, I purchased my 95 cruiser roughly 6 months ago now. From the day I purchased it, the stock front bumper was absolutely demolished. As such, I have been looking for a replacement. For the time being I have just had the bumper off and figured it could drive it without one at least until I...
  18. D

    SOLD  Bend, OR: WAAG Brush/Grill Guard

    I have this WAAG Brush/Grill Guard that I took off a 1999 100 Series Cruiser. It is in perfect structural shape and has a little rash on the left side (as seen in pic) that could be fixed with a little touch up rattle can paint. All original hardware and no rust. $175
  19. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  SoCal FJ80 Grill Guard in excellent condition

    Fits all 1991-1997 FJ80 and LX450 bumpers. Bolts onto frame using factory pre threaded holes. Mounting time is 10 minutes. This will help save your valuable headlights, grill, bumper, radiator etc. It also has brackets for mounting lights. This is not brand new, but it is as nice as new...
  20. B

    SOLD  SoCal 100 series land cruiser bumper and cover

    I bought this used front bumper and bumper cover but I am going to go a different direction. It’s from a 2000 land cruiser. Local pickup only please, located in Temecula. $120 Thanks for looking!
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