1. O Ironman

    Vendor Wilsonville, OR - LC 80 Series Bumpers back in stock! FREE SHIPPING

    80 Series bumpers are back in stock and itching to get out on the trail! $1,299 with free shipping. https://ironman4x4america.com/toyota-80-series-land-cruiser-lexus-lx450-classic-off-road-bumper/ Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser/Lexus LX450 Classic Off Road Bumper The Ironman 4x4 Deluxe...
  2. F

    For Sale FS/FT socal ARB Bumper swingout tire carrier right side (passenger)

    selling my arb swing out tire carrier. its for the right side. in good shape, 1 year old, has minor scuffs but nothing crazy, just dirty. part number is 5700252. i believe they fit both 100 series and 200 series arb rear bumpers. might fit more, you'll have to check. comes with the long swingout...
  3. O Ironman


    GX460 2014+/Prado 150 Classic Off Road Bumper- $1,299 down from $1,499 FEATURES: ADR 69, 73 approved (Full Frontal and Offset Impact Occupant Protection) Air bag tested and certified Two part design with the winch cradle mounting directly to your chassis for the strongest possible winching...
  4. Ironman 4x4 Classic Off Road Bumper

    Ironman 4x4 Classic Off Road Bumper

    Our Classic Off-Road Bumpers are all crash safety tested and airbag compliant. A separate winch cradle means the winch pulls off the chassis, not the bumper....
  5. Ironman 4x4 Premium Off Road Bumper

    Ironman 4x4 Premium Off Road Bumper

    Our Premium Off-Road Bumpers are fully Toyota Safety Sense and Lexus Safety System+ compliant and compatible with the factory headlight washers and parking s...
  6. aviafx

    For Sale 84 60 Not-So-Nice OEM Chrome Bumpers, SF Bay Area

    Hey all, Figured I’d post these here and see if there’s any interest. Pulled them off my 60 recently, they’re a bit beat up and well loved but may be serviceable for a wheeler rig, or if your bumper(s) are worse than these. Front bumper has passenger side impact, four extra bolt holes in face...
  7. Lessid

    ARB bumper install - fitting and wiring 80 Series

    First post hope I’m putting it in the right spot. I searched for a long time online and couldn’t find a good thread here or on the web or on YouTube. For most I’m sure this is an easy job but I’m no mechanic. So this is for all the newbies trying to fit the ARB bumper on. The instructions that...
  8. L

    ISO Aftermarket Rear Bumper for 97 FZJ80

    New to this site, sorry if I don't know where to post this. I'm in search of an aftermarket rear bumper for my 80. I like the look and functionality of the Slee model. Let me know if anyone has any suggestions for other models, or if anyone has one for sale. Also interested in a front runner...
  9. sisu240

    For Sale Palatine, IL FJ40 Tube bumper with hitch receiver.

    Very good condition and it came off a 1967 FJ40. It is just dirty in the picture. Would likely fit any FJ40 or possibly a Jeep.
  10. JPClx470

    offroad bumper suggestions

    Hi all! I drive an '04 LX. I hit a deer and just received my insurance quote. I'd like to take the opportunity to purchase an off-road bumper. I have $1,091.00 so long as the install is under 4 hours. I've looked around online, but have no idea what I am doing. I found the "Ironman 100...
  11. 97eighty

    Wanted ISO 80 Series Front Bumper

    Looking for a front bumper for my 97 Land Cruiser. Preferably I would like to find a stock 80 series bumper. Located in CO.
  12. scoobiedubes

    FJ45LV Rear Bumper - Gauging Interest for orders

    I had to get a rear bumper made locally for my 66 LV, and just wanted to see if anybody else is interested in one while we're at it. Photos attached. Pricing he said $750 for the bumper and the mounts, unpainted. I can check on cost to powder coat if anybody wanted that too. I have a feeling...
  13. P


    I just bought myself a 1984 FJ60 Land Cruiser and it has an ARB front bumper on it. It looks brand new I am just going to go a different route with the rig. Brand new they sell for around $950 so I am asking $850. I will only deal with local pick up.
  14. Mansweater

    For Sale FJ60 / FJ62 Brand New custom bumper - holds winch

    Selling a brand new custom bumper that came with my purchased HJ60. It's brand new, powder coated textured black. Unfortunately, I need to prioritize getting AC working since the Texas heat is on its way. Would like to sell ASAP to put the money into AC repair and other needs. These are $850 new...
  15. BigBlackCruiser

    Bumper Mount Dimensions Help

    Hi guys, my first post etc etc Anyway straight to the point, Im in the process of restoring my ‘83 FJ40. The current bumper set up is a bit of a mess and I’m wanting to take it back to stock. I have access to a full fabrication shop at work so have decided to manufacture my own mounts to save...
  16. 2000lx470norcal

    Wanted Looking to buy JAOS BB3R Stainless Steel bull/brush guard for lx470

    Please contact me through thread or email about selling me one. Contact email; ryandharrington1@gmail.com
  17. mrjordann

    Are these rubber bumperettes for a 40-series?

    Hi, I found these rubber bumper things on ebay. I've never seen them before, does anyone have these or have a picture of them installed? Do they replace the metal bumperettes, or bolt over them? Thanks in advance for your help!
  18. Kernalife

    Wanted 100 Series Metal Front bumper, Metal Rear Bumper, Driver Corner Light

    Hello all, I am located near Washington D.C and am looking for everything above. I am not looking for OEM bumpers, more like ARB or just to see what you have. Shipping is okay for me! Thanks in advanced! Nik
  19. R

    Remove M12000 from Bumper on vehicle

    Has anyone removed the M12000 from an ARB bumper while still on the truck? And then reinstalled it? It looks like I could lower it out between the bumper and front of the truck. I think I could use my UTV winch to lower it from the top bar of the bull bar. I need to pull the winch for...
  20. S

    Rear bumper options for 2016+

    Mike from Dobinsons says their bumper fits up to 2015. ARB modular bumper #5615010 also claims fitment only up to 2015. Looks like some have notched the bumper to fit 2016+.
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