1. R

    Aluminum Bumper

    Hey all, Was wondering if anyone has made/used and aluminum bumper of any kind. I have recently come upon some rectangular bent pieces of aluminum that seem to be just perfectly shaped for use as a bumper, and I’ve been thinking of fabing one. Any info, recommendations or thoughts are...
  2. ddfunji

    2014 GX460 DIY bumper build

    Hello fellow 460 owners. Welcome to my DIY bumper thread After some market research for front bumpers I decided on building my own. Ill be posting pictures and updates here on this thread so feel free to follow if you want to see what an amateur fabricator is able to come up with. I don't plan...
  3. qwertyisdead

    Custom sliders with courtesy lights

    Hey folks, I am in the market for some rock sliders for my 05 LX470. I would like to integrate the factory running board lights in to them, or at the very least the light wiring harness. My question is, has anyone done this or would anyone like to?
  4. 530cruzer

    3 link needed

    I live in Northern California, and I’m looking for someone to do a 3 link on my fj40. Any recommendations on a person/shop that I can count on to do a good job in a reasonable amount of time? I’m willing to to trailer it up to 250 miles to get it done. Thanks
  5. A

    Purchasing an FJ60, how much rust is too much?

    Hello everyone, I’m new here as I’m still in the market for a 60s series. I’m looking to hopefully be guided in the right direction. At the moment I’m looking at this one for 8 grand. There is extensive rust Obviously as in the pictures shown however I noticed you can buy entire parts of the...
  6. Wrencher93

    Exhaust fabrication questions

    Ok so I've done some reading off and on relating to this subject. Most of the information on this forum is about exhaust routing, aftermarket brands, exhaust leaks, repairs, etc. It's all good stuff but I have some specific questions about exhaust fabrication in terms of joints. I want to know...

    DIY Armor Build

    Howdy, Maybe I'm just not putting the right keywords together but I wasn't able to find much of anything on this topic in here. I've got a 2000 LX 470, for which I'm looking to make my own armor. I'll leave the #1 cover for now because of the complexity of the contours, but given that I...
  8. gasolinesunsets

    Sliders: Anyone here fabricate their own?

    Been dragging my feet on ordering sliders bc of course - cost. Haven't even gotten around to actual mods bc I am currently up to my ass with parts and labor costs baselining my truck. Was heavily leaning towards WKOR, but their 6-9 week fab time I expect is actually more like 9-12 weeks from...
  9. Cravati

    Anybody know of a build thread with someone fabricating the entire tub of an FJ?

    I'm contemplating making my own custom 3/4 tub for my 77 fj40. I have looked everywhere with no success in finding a like minded individual. I realize I could just buy one, but whats the fun in that?
  10. ScottMilk

    Stretched FJ40 hardtop kits?

    So I am planning a build and want to use Aquala's aluminum 18" stretch parts/kit but it doesn't come with the sides or top. Does anyone make these? Or is it something you have to fab yourself? If fab, is there any tutorials or threads on here (or anywhere) that explain how to do it?
  11. B

    Need Help! - looking for 70 series OEM chassis CAD file

    Hello Everybody, Looking to fabricate and add to my Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series chassis - and I desperately need the CAD file - where can I get it? Thanks! Benjy
  12. MrMoMo

    Building a 6’ 30Ton press brake - am I crazy?

    Yep, you read that right! (And yes I am crazy) After working through the body restoration of my LandCruiser BJ70 I learned a lot about shaping metal. —> that thread here (Saving the Silver 70) One of the tools that I really couldn’t have done it without was a little 14” die that I made for...
  13. ZayaR

    Good shops near Denver?

    Hi all, This is my very first post to Ih8mud. I am glad to join the community. I recently was able to get my brothers 89 fj62 out here to Colorado. I had to flatbed it from Ohio, but am really looking to get it trail worthy. It currently isn't running, and I am scratching my head as to why...
  14. Huk

    FJ-60 Custom fenders

    Hey guys! Has anyone done custom fenders on an fj60? Don't get me wrong, I love the classic land cruiser look but people are seeming to charge an arm and a leg for replacement fenders. XD Being a college student, my project e30(my daily) is really reaching more of a finished product for me and...
  15. orangeboxxfab

    Orange Boxx Fabrication needs your help

    Orange boxx fab is looking for guys around Greensboro NC for some help. As most of you know we are the manufactures of the PSD racks the racks for FJ's,4Runners and some Land Cruisers. We are looking for the following list of vehicles. Land Cruiser 40 Land Cruiser 55 Land Cruiser 60 Land...
  16. Notch

    Front bumper build and other stuff.

    I've started on a front bumper for my 80 and thought you guys would want to see the progress. My old, cut-up stock bumper is mangled and has caused some damage to the fenders, valance, and AC...so time to go. I'm done gluing my flares back together every week too so I'll be welding the holes...
  17. S

    Quarter panel fabrication

    i figured i'd post this because i've taken so much away from this site over the period of my never ending build. maybe something here can help someone. same old story: rusty '72, although not as bad as some, i decided it would be easier to replace the rockers and quarters as apposed to patching...
  18. GHalll

    Brake Line Fabrication

    Does or can anyone make #35 hard brake line from the front resevoir of the master down to the frame to connect to the middle soft line? It has the curls in it. I'm just not sure I have enough brake line work to justify the tools or if buying a kit is the way to go..
  19. P

    For Sale ARB DELUXE BAR LC 100 SERIES 2003-07 (3413190), FRAME MOUNTS ONLY

    Wanted to drop a line to you Landy 100 owners to see if there is an interest in frame mounts from an ARB Bull Bar. I had this fabbed/modded by my welder to install this bad boy onto my '05 DC Tundra. They were cut after the front bolt mounts and would be an excellent starting point if a guy was...
  20. dirtrick

    Shout-out to the boys at Bump-it Offroad (BIO)

    Just finished bolting up a new bumper from BIO and thought I'd share with the muddies how stoked I am with the whole thing. First off, Mike rules.. his craftsmanship is stellar. This bumper has serious aesthetic qualities and you definitely can't beat the price. I had them powder-coat and ship...
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