should I be concerned

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Apr 24, 2005
New Braunfels, Texas
I have had 3 40s and 3 100s about to get an 80. Found spotless 97 with 100k Clean in and out under is as clean as I have ever sean. No leaks aways in southern Cal. No issues runs fine. My concern is I have called every Toyota Store in and around the PO address and it appears this has only been into a dealership once since it was sold new. I checked the filters OEM and clean, Fluids even the diffs have clean fluid too. Could of been services at independent shop or ? What do you think?
I can't speak for this rig in particular but speaking from my experience I have never taken any of my cars into the dealer for service. I have always bought oem or the best quality I could find and replaced the part myself. I just like to keep a log of what I have done to the car, but in any event, as long as the truck checks out and everything looks legit, there is only so much research and fact finding you can do before you just pull the trigger and hope for the best!

I generally do all my own service on all my rigs, and use quality/OEM parts fluids, etc. If it is well taken care of, I don't really care "who" did the service. Especially for an older rig (like an 80 series), it is even more likely to be DIY maintained or serviced by an indepentent mechanic/shop.
If it looks clean it probably is. Maybe it never needed anything other then gas & oil, etc. I'd buy it.
I just started doing all my own service again. I stopped because the time vs money was always time was more important. Now with the economy Money is more important.

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