Shock part numbers for SOA 40 with Ford Shock Towers in front and stock mounts in rear

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Apr 17, 2003
Hello, I know this question has probably been asked too many times, but I have been out of the game since 2007 when I sold my 73 FJ40. Just bought a 69 40 and need to update the shocks front and rear, yes I used the search feature but did not succeed in finding my answer (Part Numbers). Running stock 40 springs in the front and 55 springs in the rear. I will be removing the stock front mounts and replacing them with Ford Shock Towers. Everything I have read says I can run 14" shocks up front and 12" in the rear. Looking for part numbers for this setup. Looking to go with reservoir shocks, either Bilstein, King or Fox. Anyone running this setup, can you share your info on part numbers of the shocks you used or point me in the right direction? Pic of my old 40, built everything on that rig, so I'm not a total knuclkehead. Any help would be appreciated.

I'd measure at full droop/bump first, and then start looking for shocks that match that number. There can be a lot of differences depending on what brackets were used, how arched your springs are, etc. I would assume that no cruiser would be the same.
Most of the big shock manufacturers have brochures that have compressed length uncompressed length and types of ends on the shocks
In the back of the brochure. PDF such as rancho measure your rig look for a brochure and read the specs. And pic your shock. .
here is a pic of one page from rancho. See shock info. Just pic your shock.


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