SOLD SF BAY AREA: 1996 LX450 Factory Locked

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Vehicle Model
  1. LX450
San Francisco, California United States
1996 Lexus LX450 Factory Lockers

Asking $16,500 pretty firm

267,3xx miles and counting

I will be keeping the personal plates.

I have a clean stock LX450 for sale with factory lockers. Clean title and no accidents. Originally from Oregon and brought to California. Dealer and shop maintained. Recently smogged and ready for transfer. Engine runs smoothly and the ride is very comfortable. It does have the usual minor VC gasket, front seal, distributor o-ring, and oil pump cover leak which I have not done and no time at the moment. Hence reflecting the price or I may do it in the future and ad on to the price. For its age it is in very good condition and well taken care of. Only negative on the body is the paint fade on the hood and roof. This can still be fixed and clear coated. There are minor scratches and very few dings. No rust/cancer on the body or chassis. There is a small mishap on the lower left corner of the upper tailgate (SEE PICTURES). Interior is very clean. Dash has a crack (SEE PICTURES). Front seats are reupholstered and bottom seat heating added on both front seats. Rear and third row seats are clean. All seat functions work. New Gamiviti gears on the driver's seat. Floor and carpet are very clean. No funky smell. All window, side mirrors and sunroof functions work perfectly. Heater and AC work very well. It has an aftermarket Sony XAV-AX1000 radio and Pioneer speakers on all 4 doors. 4 tires and matching spare are Kumho Road Ventured 285/75/16.

-01/14/22 - Driver’s side seat motor gear repair with Gamiviti gears.

-05/20/21 - 262,840 miles - Complete rear brake rotors/pads service, brake fluid flush $1077

-10/22/20 - 260,803 miles - front/rear wipers, oil change, windshield washer pump and valve replaced. $960

-10/03/19 - 258,071 miles - Heater valve replaced and flush $223

-05/02/19 - 251.686 miles - Vacuum switch valve, EGR cleaned, new TB gasket $608

-02/25/19 - 250,452 miles - All 4 shocks replaced $617

-02/19/19 - 250,354 MILE - Seat cushion, bolster, track repair $150

-12/27/2018 - 249,44 miles - Water pump, drive belt and all accessory belts replaced $757

-08/09/18 - 245,977 - Driver seat ,passenger seat, center console, shifter knob reupholstered and bottom/back seat heater added. $1985

-05/11//18 - 244,500 - Rear pads, rotors, calipers, and flush. $988

-07/27/17 - Driver side birfield replaced, front end and knuckles rebuilt, front calipers replaced, front pads replaced, master cylinder replaced, rear pads, rotors and calipers replaced. Rear locker actuator lubed. $2726

lx450 (32).jpg

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lx450 (30).jpg

lx450 (25).jpg

lx450 (26).jpg

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Did a 7 pin mod and added a hazard/CDL switch on the dash.

Also have a VID of a cold start, locker engage, and a quick freeway ride.


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