Semi Lame request - Raleigh, NC

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Jun 18, 2003
Oriental, NC
Anyone have a floor jack I can borrow on Saturday? I need to change my front brake pads and my bottle jack does not reach the frame rails - ;<)

The pad replacement does not even require removing the calipers. The jacking up the truck takes the most amount of time.

I am located in Raleigh and work in Morrisville.

Don't really want to buy right now as all spare cash is going towards fixing up daughters 100.

Thank you!

Can you put bottle jack under lower a arm and do one side at a time?
Even with my floor jack I was around 3" short up front - cut a piece of scrap wood for underneath the floor jack. The bottle jack was only short about 2" up front, so I cut a round of a tree trunk for the extra 2" - just another thought in case you wanted to do prior to the weekend....

And like @jfz80 said, you can always use the lower a arm if you don't want to cut some extra blocks... :)
I will try under arm and get some wood cut. Great ideas. Thank you.
Keep a 4x4 or a 6x6 around for situations like this. Sometimes even a floor jack doesn't get high enough.

Failing that, I've got a jack you can use. Catch is you have to drive up to my place to use it :p
I have 3 4x4's of varying length that I use. If you don't have jack stands though, don't get under it...
I never get under and if working on the front, the tire goes under the center skid plate.
Anyone have any 4x4s or 6x6s they need to get rid of? Or where can I buy some small pieces to use under the jack?
Home Depot or Lowes sell wood...

You can grab a full 4x4 and have them cut it to whatever length you want. Should be $10 or so for a full length piece.
I definitely do not want to turn this thread into a safety seminar, but here's an honest question: Am I the only one to be bonked on the head by a fender flare when I 'learned' that a tire under the frame is still pretty damn far away from the frame? :eek::bang: I'll continue to do that as needed, though I also use jack stands when available, but I sure as s*** will limit my distance under the truck. Damned irrefutable law of gravity!

Andrew, at HD or Lowes, go to the lumber section and look for the "cut off" bin. They often have smaller pieces of lumber tagged with a painted end signifying how much that scrap piece costs. HD is better about that around here in CLT because they sell most lumber by the linear foot, whereas Lowe's sells it by the stick.

I can chop some 4x4 for you and get it to the barn this weekend but it's obviously a time delay. Just let me know by noon Thursday.
Thank you. I do not get under my truck without jack stands. When my tire is under the center skid / control arm, it almost touches these pieces. The front of the 100 hangs low. I slide it under for a just in case anything moves.

I will go by lowes. Thank you.
Anyone have any 4x4s or 6x6s they need to get rid of? Or where can I buy some small pieces to use under the jack?

:lol: You're asking for a free section of 4x4 or 6x6? Go buy an $8 4x4 from lowes and cut it up, or nail two 2x4s together to create one.

Need help changing your brakes too? :lol:
I told you it was lame. ;<)

No need on the brakes, done them so many times. The 100 likes to eat front brake pads.
BTW, when do we get to see one or both of your new trucks? You should come out to the next monthly meeting! Haven't seen you in a while Andrew.
I have some sections of 4x4 if you'll be at the Christmas party you can have. I understand cheapness lol that's a whole 6$ toward your truck fund.
I have bricks however I crushed a cement block and thought the same would happen to the bricks.
Cement blocks are designed to hold weight with the holes facing up.
If you turn the cement block on its side so the flat part was the base of your jack stand that's why it was crushed, they don't work structurally that well that way.

If you put a cement block with the holes facing up and then put a good 2 by 10 at least the length of the block across the top of it it should support the weight fine

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