Seats that bolt right In and Those that don't

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Sep 14, 2003
Centennial, Colorado
Before I get flammed for not researching, I did review this forum and posted questions about Volvo setas. A lot of people said Volvo Seats will bolt right in. The problem is I have been covering Junk Yards for a week and I can not find any Voolvo Seats that are worth a damn. I found some excellent BMW seats, but they were not wide enough.
The baja seats will fit with a universal bracket ($27 each) and a FJ40 conversion bracket ($76 each). That means add $200 to the price of the baja seats. Woody said he made his own bracket to avoid this cost. Is it easy to make your own bracket?

The above are two possible solutions.

What I am looking for (and too share with others) is what seats bolt right in, or what adaptive solutions are available for those that don't. If you made your own bracket to fit a different size sheet, how did you do it?
i seriously doubt that you will find any seats that bolt right in, But you should be able to adapt most other seats without too much hassle, get youself some thick stips of metal like 2 inch wide by 20 inches thats about 1/4 inch thick and cut it and drill to fit, From the way the Cruiser seats look the mounting surface is flat and should be easy to make work with just about any seat.. just take some mesurments on the current seats and find some that are close, the BMW ones shoudl work because you will drill the holes to match the BMW ones inside of the curent holes for the cuiser brackets..
:)Don't know about bolting right in, but I saw these that were pretty nice looking...out of a 2000 Subaru Imprezza....The work on the frames looks superb..
I used prelude seats (2001) and three of the mounts lined up with only a rotation of one rear mount on the inside. The fourth mount hole required that i cut the top off the drivers side mount and weld it on to the face. I will try to find the digital pics and repost but it only took like 2hrs. Nice support and the drifvers is adjustable
Don't know much about welding. Can you use an ARC welder or does that not give a strong enough weld?

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