Scotty’s moby dick build

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Sep 3, 2018
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Hello mud
I’ve been hanging around on here for a few months now, what a great site with some awesome information!
This will be my first build thread and is kind of slow, I am only 19 so the funds are pretty tight.
I’m very familiar with Toyota’s, my first vehicle was a 1997 5speed 4runner with the rear e locker. It was sweet. But wanted something bigger and with a solid axle
So I turned to an 80 series.
I started looking and due to budget restrictions I wanted one that was factory locked, that was it.

After a few months I came across this
1997 3x locked Lexus lx450.
6” slee
35” bias ply Trepadors
Arb bumpers front and rear
An extremely clean frame and body

I almost instantly fell in love. Despite the clear work it needed.
Oil pump gasket
Rust on rear bottom quarter panels
The smell of cigarettes
Tie rods
Only high fan speed
Birfs leaking grease
But it was all stuff I knew i could handle

I wasn’t happy it was already partly built, but I later realized it was better that way. I could focus on what it needed.
The first order of business was a cb install
I followed this thread mainly 80/LX450 CB Install

Used a uniden 520 xl
4ft firestik
Ditched the cigarette lighter and put the cb on that 12v circuit (now on blue sea)
Went wheeling with some jeeps

With winter fast approaching I got some falken wildpeak at3/w as I had them on the 4runner and was satisfied with them as “winter” tires.
What I wanted now was some form of rear storage. The thing came with the biggest sub box I’ve ever seen!
Started with a 2x2 Douglas fir frame
Used 1/2 and 3/8 plywood to construct the drawers.
Ignore the beer fridge girl:beer:;)


In its final position

Tired of using Jeep buddy’s arb dual and couldn’t stomach spending the cash on one. I figured I’d try a viair 400h. Pretty impressed with the thing honestly.

Mounted it on a small plate I made at work.

Had a small run in with an arb hose, had a 115 psi pressure release valve on the compressor end and and open flow air chuck on the hose end. This happened.

Hose blew clean out, had only ever filled 2 tires with it. Luckily I got the 4wp extra whatever it’s called warranty. They replaced it.
You're way ahead of me and I'm way beyond 19.

Have fun!
Finally got some decent temperatures and there’s no more snow!
Rebuilt my knuckles
Steering and brakes.
Next weekend will be oil pump and coolant system refresh.
No pictures of the front end work, my hands were a bit... messy.

Did get to installing a scanguage, dash cam, 80 series centre console and tough duck seat covers.
Prepped the wiring for inside winch controls and cleaned up a lot of previous owner mistakes.
Really liking how this thing is coming together!
Built this at work for the yeti, instead of the stupid sliding thing. Aluminum for those who want to know

With all the baselining done I can really start to do some more stuff I want.
Some friends and I are planning to head to whispsaw trail at the end of this month.
Got new tires for it Firestone destination Mt/2 in the flavour of 315/75/16
And found some oem Steelies for a steal :rofl:;)
Photos will come when they are mounted up.

I did manage to route an airline from front to rear yesterday using @wits.end cool bracket.

Little update, birfs still click a little. Only with cdl on. Will most likely swap out to oem due to cost.
However here’s some photos of a 2000km wheeling/ adventure trip. Truck did great, fender flare was massacred, a fix is soon to come.



Silly jeeps always breaking. Blew up the u joint and ears on the end of the shaft and stub shaft. Thank god for a front locker.
The trip made me realize a few things. Catch cans on pcv and breather are going to be welcome addition, the slee 6” is tall for my liking so going to shrink to a dobinson 3” flexi and sliders would be a nice thing to have for sure.
Weird thing about these things is just when you think it’s close to perfect, you change your mind
Just swap the birds lefty righty. Check the inside races for wear. Most likely just one direction, so swap them. Keepmnuckles 2/3-3/4 full of molly grease.
Just swap the birds lefty righty. Check the inside races for wear. Most likely just one direction, so swap them. Keepmnuckles 2/3-3/4 full of molly grease.
Issue is I just did them and swapped them. Not sure how old they are though.

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