sandblast or new matkins

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Jun 10, 2003
Mooresville, NC -- Lake Norman
starting to buildup but frame rusted pretty bad, has anybody bought a frame?
thinking about stage 2 for FJ40 about 2G's but Lifetime Warranty whether primary use is road or trail, or sandblasting existing frame and beefing it up(probally have to rebuild rear half)
About how much to restore frame

I know of a guy in southern Vermont who rebuilds landcruiser bodies and frames, Poor Wally's cruiser emporium, his rebuilt cruisers are much stonger than stock. If you or a friend have access to a welder, plasma cutter and other related tools you can easily fix + clean up your existing frame for less than 2k. The Matkins frames are very cool so no matter what you end up doing you should be good to go.
just for future reference do they have or can they build 62 series frames?
Hey gus-

How do I get in touch with "Poor Wally's"?

Do you have a ph #, or address? What town is he in?

I live in northern VT and may need to go see him.


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