Sag PS Conversion & Steering Stabilizer?

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Sep 19, 2006
Ellensburg, WA
Working on the final touches of my Sag PS conversion on my 78 FJ40. Just noticed the steering stablizer and had a thought, where does that connect now?? Or would this just be removed now with the PS conversion??

Any help, pics, would be great, thanks.
I never install a stabilizer with a PS conversion..

Is it a bad idea, or just not needed? Is this the general consenses? To remove??
I have an after market one that I had installed before I did my ps conversion. I went ahead and reused it after the install with no problems with running it. I also run one on my Suburban. I don't know that it helps that much, but I figure it can't hurt.
My '83 (SOA, SR) doesn't have one, doesn't need it. My '79 has one, IIRC it helped some when it was first installed, doesn't seem to help much now but it's probably worn out, I don't think they are meant to last 20+ years. Both vehicles are Saginaw power steering.
I have an aftermarket brand new installed now, wasn't sure about the PS conversion back when I did that, does anyone have any picks of how to run it or where they have mounted it now that with the Sag conversion the place to originally mount the dampener are gone??
I think I would like to reuse since I already have it.
a properly set up power steering system should not need a 'stabilizer". they're band-aids at best to cover up other problems. ditch it.
Any one have a photo of one mounted with the Sag conversion? Would still be interested in seeing how it could be mounted.
I am just finishing up a conversion myself, and put a new stabilizer on. When I get home from work I will snap a picture and post it.

A pic would be great, thanks!
a properly set up power steering system should not need a 'stabilizer". they're band-aids at best to cover up other problems. ditch it.

not calling you out here, but can you explain why most manufacturers use steering stabilizer's in nearly all solid axle front ends?

i understand its a bandaid when used to mask a poorly designed steering system but there is also a practical use for them...
Hi All:

When I did the Saginaw PS swap a few years ago I realized the stock steering damper would not fit any longer.

I never did anything about this, and frankly, I don't think one is necessary with a Sag PS conversion.


Noted, but I would still like to see a pic on it "deneric" or anyone, thanks.

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