Roof Questions-- Headliner?

Mar 10, 2005
Harvard, IL USA
OK, today I took down the tore up headliner. I know it's a major PITA to replace, but it was so far gone, I don't really have a choice in the matter.

Question-- Is the roof panel supposed to be glued or soemthing to those cross braces? Mine isn't. When I took the headliner down, the roof is just a really big floppy deal... when I close the doors it sounds like dropping a baking sheet. :) Can I glue the roof to the metal cross braces to keep it from flopping?

Question: Where to get a new headliner?

Question: Has anyone ever converted an FJ-60 to have the HJ-60 style High roof?


Jan 13, 2004
Lots-o-fun putting a headliner in! Take all your windows out... 3M adhesive and you never have enough clips.

1. Yes. The ribs should be "glued" with urethane adhesive. Go to your hardware store and get a can of expanding foam sealant. While you are there pick up a piece of tubing to extend the reach of the supplied tube. Don't ask why, you'll thank me later. Wear latex gloves and don't get it in your hair!

2. I got mine aftermarket from SOR. You have a choice of vinyl or felt.

3. Can't help you there. Would be cool, but me thinks impractical from a cost standpoint. Now, if you had a wrecked truck with a high top just sitting there...

Jan 14, 2005
go to a body shop, they cando it right with the right adhesive and a lot faster than you or ME,,

I HATE going to someone else to work on my car, but in some cases it makes sense,,,
here is my examples, installing a car stereo, 20$ with speakers at the local place, it took me4 hours with interuptions

installing my own new cats (I had a welding shop at the time) 200$ at the local place, me 150-180 to buy both of them and 4-6 hours cutting and installing them and one fight with tenant in the shop,,, my truck blocked access,, they could have done it in 30-45 min,, bc they had more experience and could put it on the rack,,, I also got one helluva burn from the dropping liquid metal,,,

local body shop will replace the windshield gasket for cost of part and 15-20$,, you know how long it would take me to save that 20$????? probably a could hours, a broken windshield, a fight with the gf, many scratches on the car, pulled muscles,,,,
Jun 20, 2004
Round Rock, TX
Rob Mullen in BC did a hi-roof swap on his BJ60 project, he bought a pristine body from the southwestern US that had a buggered roof, then bought a hi-roof from a dismantler in Australia, then melded the two together. Seemed pretty straightforward for a handy type like him.
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