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May 21, 2011
QLD, Australia
Going to do a DIY roof console in my Troopy.

Thinking of a T-Shape with housing for head unit and 2way.

Hoping to fit a couple of small speakers and LED lighting up there too.

Anybody done these diy before, I dont want to spend $$$, on something I can knock up for $$, with a few hours of my labour.

My main questions are
Where do I run all these cables?
Will I get up through the A pillar with all of them?
I have done a small unit basically bringing the factory light and sun roof controls lower and above it a UHF radio...
I managed to run cables up inside the A pillar but not many... Not much room in there as I have the drain tube for the sun roof....
Also need to be careful you don't snag any and strip off the insulation....
I used an old fishing pole and stripped off the eyelets...Shoved it up and when I could see it poke out the top attached some strong twine and pulled it back thru. Then attached my wire bundle to the twine and pulled it back up again.


The unit was for a std CB radio but when I replaced it for a UHF unit which was smaller I trimmed it down a bit.

You could also run the wires up inside the B pillar and along the side....
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Simple one out of plywood. There is an angle bracket each end and 2 brackets I made up that bolt up to where the sunvisors were origionaly.
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Just typing out loud, as there isn't much room in the A Pillars, are you better off running one piece of lower gauge wire and then fitting a small splitter box in the console to route power to various things? Would be less fiddling around, and if you ever want to add anything that needs power up there just add it to the splitter box.
... I just thought of that then and might do it in the console I'm soon to make :beer:
Ok this is dragging up an old thread but some of the other users wanted more info on my setup. Rather than PM each individually I have finally got around to photographing all the bits so you get a better idea of what I have done.
This unit will hold a radio...This one is a short 1 Din...Was made for a full 1 Din.
I have used the rear view mirror as a mount point and also picked up two holes thru the sunroof lip... This isn't shown now as I have pulled the sunroof and will be redesigning the whole console thing.
The roof control shroud was reversed but the light and controls adjusted to they are still in the factory orientation.
So onto the pics.

Wow now that you have waded thru all these photo's go and have a :beer:
I made it myself..... There are some suppliers in Aussie which sell roof consoles. Google is your friend..
Including the plastic enclosure?

I can understand the metal frame, but wouldn't know where to start with the plastic enclosure.
Ahhh you are talking the black bit? Its a alloy plate which I put large qtys of filler at the edges and once cured shaped. The filler acts like a spacer and also fills in the edge...

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