Rolling the dice - slow moving turbo HZJ105 project (1 Viewer)


Dec 17, 2007
Sydney, Australia
Thanks Ian
Will have to start watching out for parts.
My 1HZ has the turbo adapted to the standard 1HZ exhaust manifold. I might be wrong but it looks a lot more restrictive than the 1HD-T.

1HZ and 1HD-T manifold are essentially the same, but the 1HD-T manifold has a different flange for mounting the turbo.

If you have an aftermarket turbo, there would be an adapter on the 1HZ manifold.

I used a 1HD-T manifold because it simplified the install of a factory turbo.

I bought a new genuine manifold (front part only) via amayama because I was having trouble finding one from a wrecker at a sensible price.
Amayama's price was decent IMO.

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