RHD vs. LHD fenders

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Jan 9, 2008
Moronville, ME
I know this isn't a diesel question but I figured that there would be more more people in this section with RHD 40 series experience than in the 40 section.

I'm going to need to buy some fenders for a 82 RHD HJ47. I was thinking about getting a set from CCOT but they list them as LHD only. What's the difference in LHD vs. RHD fenders? Can LHD be modified (cut/weld) to work on a RHD? Am I better off with a set of Metal Tech tube fenders?
The right hand fender on RHD has the cutout for the steering box, where the LHD right fender does not. If you put 60 series power steering on, then it will not matter either way.

I have LHD fenders on Patches, and they are fine. The grille from US models doesn't have the mount holes for the latch with the inner hood release, but otherwise that is same too.

As an aside, a friend of mine bought CCOT fenders, and they did not fit very well. This was several years ago, though, so they may have gotten better.


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Probably the cut for the steering box and the mounts for whatever accessories switch sides.
Also remember that there is a variation between "Gas" & "Diesel" fenders.
The diesel ones have provisions for the dual battery set up.
What kind of provisions? I have an 82 BJ42 with dual batteries and don't see anything obvious that would indicate it's special for a diesel.
just an extra piece

Compare these 2 pics



Just a subtle difference that accommodates a battery tray on the top link.
EDIT: Also extra holes / captive nuts are present due to glow relays / timers. Not a whole lot of difference really.

Gas fenders have the ignition coil bracket on the right fender
Also both fenders come up with different numbers on the EPC.

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