RHD to LHD conversion on 70 Series for Costa Rica

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I am in the process of building two 79s. One single, one double.

Sell your fire truck and buy a new double cab.

New is new and nothing can replace that.

I'd sell a kidney to buy one new. Even a 'lowly' HZJ79.
I completely agree with the above sentiment. Since it doesn’t seem that you would like to be the one to do the conversion, sell your fire truck - as cool as it is - and buy a new HZJ79 double cab, if 1HZ and budget are your motivators, or a VDJ79 double cab import if you have some more $$ and would like some more power.
The fire trucks are cool, but even without the LHD conversion there’s a lot of work to do. You need to replace the radiator, figure out the rear seats and floor pan, decide whether you want to keep the bubble roof, figure out a fuel tank of a normal size, address the likely lack of A/C and power steering, modify a bed… etc. You might be close to the territory - or actually even well into it - of a new HZJ79 double cab in CR.
@bottombracket …. “ Even a 'lowly' HZJ79”.

On behalf of all of the 1HZ owners, that really stung. 😁
@Gun Runner 5,

Let me take my foot out of my mouth… What I meant to say (and did not do eloquently) is that we hold the VDJ as a platonic ideal… I would be so damn happy with a naturally aspirated 1HZ you couldn’t peel the smile off my face. That or even… gasp… a GRJ79.

A fire truck right to left conversion is awesome, but it’s going to be a project. It’ll suck up the better part of a year or three and end up costing the same or more. You’ll learn a lot, it’ll be awesome, and it’ll be your baby… But go get a brand brand brand new one.
I would take a new HZJ over a new VDJ any day if we are talking about 79 series.

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