Reverse light questions?

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Apr 24, 2004
Taylorsville Utah
Hi all.
Some of you may know I bought Timmbuck2's red '74 55 that my wife has affectionately named "Red Dwarf", My question is, Red Dwarf has round reverse lights and Clementine has square reverse lights, Now here is the kicker, Red dwarf is a May '74 build and Clementine is a June '74 build, Their VIN numbers are about 260 apart from each other, FJ5541861 vs. FJ5542124
And....discuss :cheers:
Visual aide...


The round ones are non-OEM.

That was easy!!

Next question? :)
i've got a couple pairs of stock housings...if you want, i'll bring you a pair to cm. you'll just have to find lenses, which is the hard part;)
Thanks, Ige.
Dont worry about bringing them specifically for me, Clementine has working lights, But I could use one lens, I wasn't sure how far I was going to get on the other, I still have my 40 and Triumph ahead of the 55's
But I appreciate the offer :)

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