Replacing the front crankshaft oil seal

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Oct 12, 2003
Middleburg, Florida
Got a leak started at the front crankshaft oil seal :p. Already bought the seal and have the Repair Manual :D. Looks like an easy job :banana: :banana:......... loosen the accessory belts, pull the crank pulley and pry the old seal out, install the new seal, install the crank pulley, and install accessory belts. Is that it?

Wayne S
Yup, but for one teensy thing.

The crank pulley bolt is torqued to 304 lbft.

A) ya gotta bust it loose.

B) ya gotta tighten it back up to 304 lbft.

In order to get a wrench on it, you will need to pull the fan and fan clutch and fan shroud. In order to get the shroud out you must pull the battery and battery tray out and drain the radiator some to get the upper hose off and out of the way. And so-on.......

You can get a breaker bar on it without removing the fan with access from below, but it does make your life easier. Remember, that's 304 freaking ft-lbs. I made up piece of steel to hold the crank pulley in place while torquing on the bolt.

Have fun.

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