Removing TRE from Tie rod

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Jul 30, 2003
Anyone have a tip for removing a TRE from relay and tie rod? I soaked them everyday for 2 weeks with loosening goo. I have put the tie rod in a vice and cranked on the TRE with a huge pipe wrench and NOTHING! I cannot get them to budge. TREs and tie rod are factory parts.
You should just replace them. I got a new set from BUD @

I also ordered the ends from CDAN at around 155.00 foar all 4.

My steering feels much better. Just my opinion.

Sort of hard to just replace them if you can't get them off, unless you are replacing the tie rod as well.

You can try cooling the tie rod end and heating the tie rod with a torch. I heard that works in extreme cases. Also, check that the threads aren't reversed. I seem to remember reading here a couple weeks ago that somebody was trying to remove a tie rod end and was actually tightening it the whole time. Came right off when they went the other way. Search. I might be thinking of something else.
I had the same problem. The ends are siezed into the rod. I had an 18" pipe wrench on mine with floor jack picking up the truck by the wrnech handle and 2 torches on the ends.

Just get a new one with new ends. Moly grease on the threads, and have a nice day.
Man Mike, see what happens when you try to work on your own stuff. It seems not to go well.
Must be the Idaho salt getting into stuff. Just need to move back to Colorado and the stuff would come apart easy.
As others have suggested heat and maybe just replacing it all with the upgraded rod. Good luck, maybe see you some day. Say hi to the kids. Robbie
They did salt a lot this year. I am glad my mechanicing-style hasn't changed and still provides entertainment for all (except me). I just finished a complete axle service which took me 28 hours over three days. I know I work slow and had to think about the tie rod a bit, but 28 hours cannot be normal!!!! As for the tie rod and relay rod, I took the ones off Uglibus and called it good. At least I have a daily driver again. It must be "beer-thirty"!!!!!
Off topic: What's up with the Uglibus?
Things are good here in Idaho. I have my teaching certificate now and am looking for a job for this fall. I am subbing to pass the time. I don't get out wheeling as much as I would like but this is what the current version of Uglibus looks like, minus the tie rod and relay rod.

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