Rebuilt OEM Starter, tries to engage but engine will not turn over - loud noise only (1 Viewer)

Sep 23, 2017
Looking for some ideas and thanks in advance:

- 93 LC with 235K miles
- drove it approx 100 miles last Friday a week ago to attend a wedding (backbone removal ceremony), ran perfectly
- did not move it over the weekend, get in it Sunday afternoon to come home and the starter spins but did not engage
- was in a hurry to get back home so after trying to jump it to no avail (fast spin only) I left my LC and caught a ride home
- purchased a rebuilt starter from auto parts store and drove the 100 miles to install it
- installed the new starter after putting a volt meter on my battery to make sure it was good
- got the new starter installed and turned the key, just one big single bump noise where the starter engaged but did not turn the engine over
- since the starter would not engage, I assumed the new starter was not the correct one and although it fit perfectly, it was slightly different in size (note - the auto part store told me there were two starters that would fit a regular one and a heavy duty one - they only had the regular one in stock so that's what I bought)
- I brought the old starter back with me and had it rebuilt at a shop that has rebuilt starters and alternators for fifty years
- made the trip back to install the newly rebuilt starter and double checked the battery again
- turn the key, now get an expensive sounding bump (grinding gears) that lasts about a half a second. Please note - it's not the sound you get when the engine is running and you accidentally engage the starter by turning the key
- try several things to get it to engage properly - shift to neutral, swap batteries, jumper cables, nothing - engine will not turn over

That's where I am after a week of driving back and forth from Houston to Bryan TX - please note the bluebonnets are out and the countryside is beautiful this time of year.

Other notes - it's possible that the engine could be seized but I was keeping a close eye on the temp and oil pressure as I had not driven the LC that far at one time in several months - you can't be too careful. On thing to try on my next trip is to attempt to turn the engine over by hand; would have tried it on my last trip but I did not have a 30mm socket. Both the fan and steering damper seem to be in the way so will have to search the forum on how to do this.

One other note - the transmission over the last two weeks has taken a little bit longer to shift from second to third but this calmed down after the LC warmed up

Any ideas other than the engine being seized ????

thanks in advance - Billboytx

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